Time Favouring Jana Sena: Astrologers

As elections time is nearing, political leaders are rushing towards Astrologers to test their future in coming elections. A celebrity astrologer who is always in news said that time is favouring Jana Sena and Pawan will be a game changer in next elections too.

Amaravati: This is not only rush time for politicians, but also for astrologers as the momentum is gearing up for elections in AP. But all eyes are on Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan who will be game changer once again as per political analysts and astrologers.

After YCP was hit back to back in recent elections, it is clear that YCP lost trust in people. There is a clear vacuum too in AP politics and is best time for Pawan to test his luck in 2019 elections.

Pawan Kalyan who recently announced that he will enter the political arena full pledged from October is in a plan to move with utmost care while announcing candidates.

YCP Chief Jagan will start his paadayatra from October 27th and will tour all major districts of AP. Pawan will also start his tour in the same month and astrologers came up with a confusion statement which is as follows. “Chiranjeevi will have bright future in AP after October 2018, his brother Pawan is having good time upto 2019 and his party will perform more than expected. But Pawan should be careful with his words while speaking”.

So coming months will be more interesting in AP politics with triangular contest in race.

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