Three Fourth Of Telangana People Below Poverty Line?

Hyderabad: Latest statistics show that out of 3.5 crores in Telangana more than 2.7 crores are below the poverty line.

These figures are from the Civil Supplies Department on which Government is spending more than a�? 6800 crore for the supply of rice at a�? 1 per kg. Out of the total amount, Centre subsidy is nearly a�? 3500 crore.

Civil Supplies Minister Etela Rajender said these figures are wrong. As per him, there is a large scale diversion of subsidy rice into open market.
Government is conducting inspections on BPL families to remove bogus beneficiaries according to Miniter Rajender.

But if at all these readings are true, Telangana is still a backward zone even after TRS came into power three years back. This is what leaders like TJAC Chairman Kodandram have been saying for the past few months. We have to see whose version will be correct in coming days.

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