This Century belongs to India, affirms Narendra Modi

  • Madison becomes Madison with Indian-Americans gathering
  • Modi addresses 20,000 strong wildly cheering crowd
  • Says Democracy, Demography, Demand would make India great
  • Calls NRI to involve in developing Motherland
  • Indian PM creates history in the US


modi_madison 5New York, September 28: In an hour long speech complete with rhetorical flourishes, soaring arms and his habitual exuberance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had enthralled the wildly enthusiastic Indian-American crowd at Madison Square Garden in New York on Sunday.

Narendra Modi sold himself as tea vendor who wants to sell the concept of New India. He came across as a leader who is keen on taking his country to the top of the world. He extolled the Indian-Americans to strive to make their motherland great in all aspects. He unveiled the big picture he has been painting for India. a�?I am a small man and my mind is busy doing small things.a�? He emphasized that small things need to be done efficiently to realize big dreams. He has met two mayors and three governors and his Madison meeting was attended by more than two dozen members of the American Congress besides nearly 20 thousand Indian-American crowd which erupted with joy at every utterance. Modi came here to sell the idea of a strong India that is an equal partner with the US in all aspects, a world power that has to be reckoned with and a rising economy that can be stopped by no one. He also answered Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his own inimitable fashion by appealing to the latter to create a congenial climate for bilateral talks. He also made it clear that there is no need for a third party to broker peace between the neighbors.

The US is prepared to encourage Modia��s vision for India if he is prepared to involve his country in the issues and concerns that bother the US in West Asia and elsewhere. India avoids the word a�?allya�?. It prefers the word a�?partnera�?. R Nicholas Burns, who was a top State Department official in the Bush administration asked, a�?Can we reset, reboot, revive, use your word, this relationship? We have to.a�?

Narendra Modi called upon all the NRIs to visit India like Mahatma Gandhi did and partake in the development of the country. Gandhi made the freedom struggle a mass movement and there is a need to make development a mass movement. Mahatma Gandhi never compromised on cleanliness, he recalled. We should pay tributes to him by delivering a clean India.

modi_madison 1Modi said India is the only country in the world which could put a satellite in the Martian orbit in the very first attempt. India can supply skills to the world. He said an auto-rickshaw in Ahmedabad costs Rs 10 per km and Indiaa��s Mars mission also cost Rs 10 per km. He assured that India would develop very fast. He said the world has realized the potential of India that can grow at a faster rate. The strength of the nation is its youth. India is a young country with a huge population. It can help the ageing world with its young work-force, he added. India has capabilities and possibilities of making 21at century its own. He announced a 3-D mantra-Democracy, Demography and Demand.

Narendra Modi told NRIs that since taking over as PM he did not take even a 15 minute break. a�?I got here by selling tea. I am a simple man. I want to focus on small and simple tasks. I want to achieve big things for the little guya�?, Modi said. Appreciating the response from the crowd, Modi said, a�? You have backed me more than any other leader.a�?

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