The SIT counts 7 victims of Nayeem

Hyderabad: Dreaded gangster Nayeemuddin’s acts of murder and mayhem have been coming to light in the investigations of the Special Investigative Team (SIT) of police. Some solid evidence to show that the mafia don killed at least seven persons, including some of his close relative, was obtained by the police. This number does not take in to account several Naxal leaders killed by him at the behest of the police officials.

Nayeem not only maintained an office with all the paraphernalia to run his criminal dispensation and girl commandos to protect him, he also filmed the acts of killing the victims. Photos of the victims being killed by the gangster are with the police who initially thought only two were killed by him but later the number has gone up to seven and the SIT officials are still counting.

The two decades of murky and criminal life promoted and protected by the police officials and political executive had left a trail of cruelty and sadism. Top officials in police and registration departments used to provide Nayeem with valuable information for a consideration and they also helped him in manipulating government records. He used to lay his claim on disputed lands in Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, Nalgonda, Mahaboobnagar and Medak districts. Nayeem used to pay monthly salaries for the persons involved in the racket, the police said.

The SIT sleuths who were following the leads provided by the criminals close to the gangsters found the dead bodies of Nayeem’s sister-in-law (his brother’s wife) Heena and his nephew Chiyan. Later, the police discovered that five more persons were missing which means they were killed by the gangster. The suspects who were arrested by the police pleaded guilty and spilled more information that gave several clues to the police. Some of them said they were witness to the gruesome murders carried out by the mafia don. The role of sub-registrars in the above mentioned districts have been examined by the police who found out that most of them had connived with the notorious criminal. The sub-registrars used to indulge in double registration and destroying the records of the original owners.

Sridhar Gowd, a close accomplice

The SIT officials believe that Nayeem who had spent the last seven years of his life amassing wealth by blackmail and killing the people who came in the way never trusted any person. The man who was given some information about his dens was Sridhar Gowd of Turkyamjal near Hyderabad. Nayeem’s wife Saleema Begum revealed critical information in the interrogation by the police. Nayeem used as den the house at Shadnagar in the name of Sayyed Sadiq Pasha, a close relative. He kept the family of his relative Mateem in that house and he used it to blackmail, threaten and carryout the threats against the targeted persons. Only Sridhar Gowd, among Nayeem’s Action Team, knows about the den. Whoever was his target, he or she would be brought by Nayeem’s men to Shadnagar through LB Nagar. Nayeem followers would bring the targets up to LB Nagar, from there it would be the job of Sridhar Gowd to blindfold and take them to the den in Shadnagar. The answer to suspicion or jealousy or impatience on the part of Nayeem was only murder. He killed close relatives, small kids and servants. He used to take the dead bodies to faraway places in the outskirts of city to burn or bury them. His crime record started with the killing of Naxalite leader Eedanna. After become a police informer and a covert, Nayeem concentrated his energy on killing Moist leaders. After Moist leaders fled from Telangana, he focused on making money through loot and plunder since 2008. The SIT officials are still working vigorously to find  out the full crime record of the don.

– Primepost Bureau

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