The nation wants to know a�� Has Arnab quit Times Now?

New Delhi: The outspoken Editor-in-Chief of Times Now, Arnab Goswami, has returned to the channel after a day-long suspense following rumours that he had put in his papers.

The lively and highly controversial anchor who started his career in journalism at The Telegraph in Kolkata had moved to NDTV and then joined Times of India Groupa��s TV news channel ten years ago. He has been very aggressive in his role as a moderator of the highly rated debate a�?News Houra�� or as the interviewer in the programme called a�?Frankly Speaking with Arnaba��. He was also given the charge of ET Now, a business channel which is part of the Bennett Coleman & Company Limited.

Arnab was recently given a�?Ya�� category security cover since the intelligence department had perceived a threat to him from Pakistan based terrorist groups. Markandeya Katju, former Supreme Court judge, and many others, criticized the government decision to give security cover to a journalist. Like an article in a magazine, Caravan, points out,A�”Discussions about Times Now are invariably discussions about Goswami, whose abrasive moderation every weeknight has inspired angst-ridden open letters, a stream of parodies, and even standup comedy routines.” Even the headline to an analytical item on the news of his quitting was mocking at him with a comment, a�?the nation wants to know why he quita��. a�?Firstposta�� calls him preacher-in-chief.

Goswami wears patriotism on his sleeves and shouts at his guests who dare to disagree with him. Akar Patel, former editor and now a columnist besides being an office-bearer of Amnesty International, asks, a�?Have television anchors become too powerful in India?a�?. He answers his question by saying, a�?yes, especially English anchor Arnab Goswamia��. This is a power that journalists in print medium or digital medium have or ever had, he comments.

Arnab has returned to the 9 pm show on Tuesday putting speculation at rest. There was come up in Times Now saying a�?Arnab is backa��. The management might have asked him to stay or it might have asked him to continue till alternative arrangements are made. For now, Arnab is still with Times Now.

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