The Mystery Of Two Suicides: Who Is Responsible For Whose Death?

More doubts are being expressed regarding the death of beautician Sirisha. As the police are dwelling deep into the episode, murky details are coming out. In this context, linking deaths of Sirisha and SI Prabhakar Reddy will only be haste and it amounts to assassinating the characters of the dead.

Hyderabad: The truth in the details coming out regarding suicides of beautician Sirisha and SI Prabhakar Reddy is yet to be ascertained. Anything said before confirming the facts is a grave mistake and absolutely uncharitable. The police are trying to extract the truth from RJ studio owner Rajeev and his friend Sravan. The police have confirmed on Wednesday that Rajeev has been constantly changing his version.

Unconfirmed news that came out linking both suicides only threw up more questions than answers. Contradictory details are coming out constantly without confirming the facts a�� thanks to overactive media, which sits on a high moral pedestal and starts judging people. New issues are coming out in the case, as the police deepened the investigation. Other names came up as part of the investigation. Sravan and another womana��s name also was mentioned. According to one version, Sirisha who was reportedly close to Rajiv could not stomach his intimacy with another girl who works as an HR in an IT company. This has led to strained relationship between them. Sirisha is said to have warned Rajeev that she would book a police case against him if he doesna��t leave the other girl.

To resolve this issue, Rajeev is said to have sought the help of his friend Sravan. He suggested resolving the issue before the Kukunoorpally SI who is his good friend. So, the three went to Kukunoorpally. They reached the place by 9.30 pm. Sirishaa��s husband is saying that she called him an hour before that and told him that she would come late.

After the discussion in presence of the SI, the trio left for Hyderabad around 1 am after midnight. Sirisha has sent her husband Whatsapp location saying that they are near Shamirpet around 1.40 am. Satish said that he called her but she did not respond.

It is being said that Sirisha, Rajeev and Sravan came to the studio around 3 am.A�A� Sources also said that they had a bitter argument all the way. As Sirisha rushed into the studio emotionally, Sravan said that as he was embarrassed he immediately left the place. Meanwhile, Rajeev said that she hung herself by the time he went inside and when he has cut the chunni and took her to the hospital, doctors declared her dead. Then the police entered. One and half a day after this incident took place Kukunoorupalli SI Prabhakar Reddy shot himself with his service revolver.

A lot of doubts are being expressed regarding the whole incident. For what kind of settlement did the trio go to Kukunoorpalli SI. If it is a compromise why should they choose that time? What happened on the way while returning?

Until the forensic report comes, a lot of doubts remain unanswered in the case.

Meanwhile, the friends and relatives of Prabhakar Reddy protested against the police statement that he might have molested Sirisha. They even torched a media vehicle. They say that such panchayats are common for police and he would not commit suicide for something like that. They are demanding that an enquiry into the allegations made by the SI should take place.

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