The Final Debate A Missed Opportunity For Trump

  • Clinton Wins 52-39

Washington, D.C.: Donald Trump has missed the final biggest opportunity to prove his fitness for office and to turn the momentum to his favor, just about two weeks before the general election.

The final debate was a great success in terms of letting the viewers know more about the candidates and their positions on various issues. Clinton, though didn’t perform to her best, was the winner, according to the CNN polls and the credit goes to Trump. 52 percent of the respondents among the viewers voted for Clinton as against 39 for Trump. In the earlier presidential debates that took place in New York and St Louis, Clinton won 62-27 and 57-34.

The biggest moment for Trump in the final debate, held at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, came about 40 minutes into the debate when the moderator Chris Wallace asked him if he believes in the election results and concedes the winner if he loses.

Trump said, “I will tell you at the time. I will keep it suspense”.

Many political experts say that this is the biggest mistake of the whole debate. The possibility that majority viewers see his answer as undermining the election process and the democracy at large would hurt him in his election campaign even further.

Only on Tuesday, Mike Pence, his vice president candidate, has committed to accept the election results. Trump’s response shows that he differs from his running mate.

Trump has been losing at the polls after the first and the second debates, and needed to perform well in this final debate to bounce back. Showing nice temperament and a leadership of uniting the country as a president were the key factors for his campaign, but Trump seems to have squandered the final opportunity.

Trump looked disciplined at the beginning, as in his previous debates,but lost control soon into the debate. At one point, he jabbed Clinton and said she is a “nasty woman”.

Clinton, on the other hand, has struggled at issues she always feels uncomfortable with, such as the email scam and the Clinton foundation. Trump has succeeded in attacking her in those areas.

The debate was bitter, and both the candidates didn’t even shake hands. Clinton, who is always smiling in the debates, was at times seen angry in this debate.

Six sessions with 15 minutes each, the debate covered broadly six topics. Two issues discussed that were new and not much covered in the previous presidential debates were abortion and the appointment of justices at Supreme Court. Though the discussion was held about justices’ nomination in the other debates, it was not at this length.

Clinton said that the Supreme Court shouldn’t be on the side of the powerful and should be on the behalf of women and LGBT groups. She suggested that the president should nominate the justices and the senate should move forward pointing to the way the senate had obstructed Obama’s selection.

Trump wanted justices to protect the 2nd amendment. He said that they should be pro-life.

On the topic of abortion, both the candidates have taken traditional stance of their respective parties. Trump said that he is pro-life and that it would be unacceptable to rip a baby out of the Mother’s womb just days before the delivery. Clinton said that the government shouldn’t be involved in taking the decisions and should be left to women. She defended Planned Parenthood.

Clinton urged the viewers not to fall for Trump’s “scared rhetoric”. The other topics included foreign hotspots, national debt, immigration and entitlements.

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