Thank You Americans For Allowing Us To Increase Your Wealth Through Our Research

Chukka Ramaiah

Chukka Ramaiah


Chukka Ramaiah is a name that does not need introduction for Telugu’s or IITians. He had the distinction of sending thousands of boys and girls to IITs. Most of them are working in the US as researchers and top executives. A legendary teacher, thinker and activist, Ramaiah analyses the the factors that led to racial hatred and anti-Indian sentiment among the Americans, in the wake of the killing of Srinivas Kuchibhotla in Kansas City ten days ago. He blames the capitalist system, which is responsible for not distributing the wealth fairly among its citizens, for the intolerance prevailing in the country. Ramaiah appeals to Americans to allow Indians to continue their research peacefully so that the US economy would grow by leaps and bounds.

Let me first congratulate President of America Donald Trump.A� He has made a bold statement which I welcome whole-heartedly. The reasons are: 1. Assuring safety of my fellow Indians, 2. Promising to preserve the high ideals enunciated by past presidents of America. 3. Hope to create universal peace. We are told America is a land of opportunities and it believes in tolerance A�being friendly with not only the natives but all human beings of the world. This made me to encourage my students to go to America and peruse higher studies. My students had not gone to seek jobs. They have a bright career and they went to America to re-innovate some new researches. These people are aspiring to go to America to peruse research in their fields so that the humanity can prosper. Humanity can move to a better life. 20thA�century has seen many extraordinary researchers. And their work has touched A�every part of our life. Transport, commerce, medicine, engineering including war. It has touched A�the every part of the life of a human being. Many extraordinary innovations have taken place in science and technology. 20thA�century has thrown A�a challenge for the 21stA�century. 21stA�century has to take these innovations to the door of the common man. That is to make science innovations useful to the human beings. Socialisation of sciences and technologies is need of the hour. These are the ideals that prompted me to place this challenge before my students.

I have had the opportunity to be in the company of such students. In the class I used to ask a question: a�?What is your ambition?a��A� Almost 39 out of 40 students told that they would like to become researchers. They have no ambition to become an IAS officers. Except one boy, Vikram, said that he wants to be an IAS or IPS Officer. To become an IAS officer was a rare ambition in those days. I asked him why he wants to become an IAS or IPS officer. He replied, a�?Sir, my mother wants to me to become a top officer and I have a great regard for my mother. She doesna��t want to separate from myself and only that reason prompted me to be in India.a�? Vikram is now the DGP in Kerala. Those who wanted to go to the US for research were inspired by the challenges put forth by the 20thA�century. They went to America and now they are placed in highest positions. Not as clerks, not as job seekers, but as researchers. Most of the people who went to America have done research. They have been doing the work that ordinary people are not expect to do. And the government of America was impressed by their work. Offered them the citizenship. Some have accepted. But there was an offer from the American government to accept the citizenship. These people have contributed much to the growth of the capital. And whatever the reputation today America commands it is because of the hard work put in by A�the people who went to A�America not to seek jobs, not to eke their livelihood, but to do something substantially A�good to the global community. As a result of the research, the GDP has increased. Read the book, a�?Capitala�?,A� by Thoms Piketty A�who is great economist. He says that the wealth produce is eight times more than the previous centuries.

Our students might have got some good salaries compared to other common man. But it is not the A�salary that counts much. The wealth that our people produced was substantial. The 20thA�century is also called the century of knowledge. It is estimated that during the 21stA�century the wealth produce is eight times more than the wealth produced by the previous one. Due to the increased production andA� amassing of wealth, the cost of living has increased. In America the gap between haves and have-nots has increased. Whatever wealth that has been produced went to the coffers of the rich people. It never went to the common man. As a result of this, the gap has increased. There is discontentment among the people which I fully appreciate. But for the discontent, Indians are not responsible. We are only the coolies of the knowledgeable society. We couldna��t dictate terms to the people in power. We also feel that a part of that wealth would have gone to the common man. Has it been transferred to the common man such a situation would not have arisen. The knowledge multiplies the wealth of a country. But the wealth thus produced A�never went to the common man. As a result of this, the gap has between the haves and have-nots had increased. There is discontent among the people. When there is a discontentment the rulers diverted the attention of the local people to the migrants. They have pinpointed the Indians. We are not responsible for the lack of employment. The wealth that they have amassed wasA� due to their hard work. Intellectuals should have been distributed among the people. Distribution of wealth is always a key factor in keeping the amity among the people. Distribution of wealth A�is the proper solution, not A�diverting the anger of people on to some other sections. And as a result, discontentment increased, but the rulers instead of giving the correct solution have been increasing the insecurity among the people. The discontentment is due to lack of jobs. I feel that A�the migrants are not responsible for that. Distribution system is responsible. The capitalist system is responsible for the problem. In a capitalist society, they increase the production, they increase the wealth, but they do not think about the distribution system. Due to the wrong policies, poor have become poorer, rich have become richer. And as a result they have given a wrong direction to the people. They have pinpointed the correct policies. I dona��t blame any particular man, but the systems that have chosen the capitalist system. It A�only strengthen the capitalist. And it makes the A�life of common man who works miserable. Whatever you see today, it is due to the system. My request to all A�is that one A�should not blame for immigrants for the fault of the system. The policy may be reconsidered so as to create amity among the Indians and other communities. Indians are peace loving and are passionate to do research. And this would result in the increase of wealth of America. We are not against Americans nor A�are we A�against anybody. As passionate students we are interested in gaining knowledge and seeking research work in America as it is not available in our country. It is in order to satisfy our appetite for education. We are thankful to you for affording an opportunity to do research. But a researcher should not be blamed for the distribution of the wealth produced because of research. Distribution is the policy of the government and the rulers. I hope that correct measures for fair distribution would be taken in right direction so A�that the universal love would prevail. We are not against any community and we are for universal amity. Knowledge grows if peace prevails. We want that peace should prevail since knowledge would survive only if peace exists. Kindly create congenial atmosphere so that research may be pursued fearlessly.

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