Telugu University Employees Allege their VC as Being Pro-Andhra

HYDERABAD: Alleging that in-charge Vice-Chancellor Elluri Shiva Reddy was behaving like a sycophant of Seemandhra employees, the Telangana employees of the Potti Sree Ramulu Telugu University have demanded that the state government remove him from vice-chancellor post and divide the University immediately.

The Telangana employees staged a dharna in front of the VCa��s Chamber on Friday and raised slogans against Shiva Reddy and the Registrar of the University. They demanded that the government immediately remove both from their posts and cancel illegal promotions given by them.

They also demanded removal of the consultants and send back those employees who came from AP University PG centers and render justice to the employees selected through selection committee-2000. They also urged the government to give jobs to the family members of Mahbub Ali and Paramatma, who died recently, on humanitarian grounds.

The Telangana employees alleged that the VC was encouraging Seemandhra employees and insulting Telangana staff by saying that they dona��t know anything. They also alleged that the VC appointed an Andhra employee in a key position stating that no Telangana employee knew English.

a�?My question is if Shiva Reddy really belongs to Telangana, how can he say no Telangana employee in the Telugu University knows English?a�? said an employee who did not want to reveal his name. a�?First of all the VC doesna��t know English and scared of speaking English and was trying to cover up his lapse by venting his ire on Telangana employees,a�? he added.

Reacting to the allegations of the Telangana employees, Shiva Reddy said he doesna��t belong to Rayalaseema.

a�?I am a pacca Telanganite coming from Kollapur of Mahbubnagar district. But the Telangana employees are branding me as pro-Seemandhra. It is hurting me a lot. I participated in 1969 Telangana movement. How can I show discrimination towards them,a�? he asked. (NSS)

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