Telugu States Register 20 Per Cent Growth In UPSC Success Rate

The UPSC results announced on Wednesday brought good news to Telugu States as 80 candidates Telugu candidates got selected ultimately beating Tamil Nadu, perhaps, for the first time.
Gopala Krishna Ronanki

Hyderabad: Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have witnessed a rise of twenty per cent in civils exam success rate this year. As many as 80 students from both the states have made to the list containing 1099 selected candidates cleared by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The main exam was held in December last year.

While 67 candidates made it last year the results declared on 31 May 2017 gave 80 seats to the youth from both the Telugu speaking States. However, the number of ranks below one hundred has fallen compared to last year. Ronanki Gopala krishna, a Telugu medium candidate, has achieved third rank. In 2015 as many as 14 candidates had made to the list of first hundred but this year the number has dwindled to just five. They are 3rd, 22nd, 37th, 44th and 88th rank holders. The last person in the list ranked 1099th is from Telangana, said Vyshali, assistant director of La Excellence at Ashok Nagar. However, experts say this is one of the best results achieved by Telugu States. In a way the Telugus have scored over Tamilians. Every year, Tamil Nadu accounts for a hundred seats. This year it has fallen to 70 while the score of Telugu States put together has risen to 80.

According to Gopala krishna of Braintree, 99,555 candidates have applied from Telugu States this year. But only 38,925 candidates took the preliminary exam out of which about 900 candidates were qualified for the Mains. One hundred of those who sat for the main were qualified for interview and 80 of them got selected.

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  1. June 27, 2017

    […] Hyderabad: The civil services third ranker has landed in trouble. The much-publicised achiever, Ronanki Gopala Krishna who declared that he secured the rank without any coaching, is amidst controversy. A public Interest Litigation (PIL) petition was filed in the High Court challenging his handicap. Advocate Murali Krishna who belonged to Secunderabad alleged that Gopala Krishna submitted a fake certificate regarding his handicap. He also sought an investigation into the episode.  More: Telugu States Register 20 Per Cent Growth In UPSC Success Rate […]

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Now It’s The Turn Of Rahul To Tour Southern States

The Congress vice president wants to tour Southern States in a bid to stop BJP from making inroads into the States, where it has some footing.

New Delhi: All the parties swung into action for the coming general elections. While BJP president Amit Shah toured southern states in a bid to feel the pulse of the people and estimate prospects of the party, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi doesn’t want to be left behind. He would be visiting Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in the first week of June, leading the opposition’s campaign against the Centre.

Congress which is relatively strong in the Southern States wants to counter BJP’s attempts to make inroads into these States.  Arrangements are being made in a big way in Telangana.

Rahul will be visiting Telangana on June 1. The local Congress leaders are making massive arrangements to make this meet a big success. It is known that though the State was carved out under the Congress-led UPA regime, the party failed in taking advantage of it.

As part of his visit, the Congress vice president will address a rally at Sangareddy town and later will release a charge sheet of the failures of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government. TRS declared its support to NDA in Presidential elections.

From Telangana, Rahul will head to Chennai to attend the birthday celebrations of DMK supremo Karunanidhi on June 3. The Opposition has planned a massive show of strength on this occasion.

It is expected that all the top leaders from across opposition parties will attend this event.

They are likely to brainstorm on the Presidential election candidate and formulate a strategy for the same.

The next day, Rahul along with Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav and Left leaders will address a public meeting in Guntur demanding special status for Andhra Pradesh.

According to sources, he might also visit Bhimavaram.

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Why Did KCR React Savagely To Amit Shah’s Barbs?

Amit Shah’s Telangana visit has ended on a stormy note with Chief Minister KCR indulging in a blistering counterattack. Why did KCR choose to be so aggressive in his criticism of Amit Shah? Here is why…

Hyderabad: Why was Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) so explosive in his media conference on Wednesday in which he tore BJP’s national president Amit Shah’s argument to pieces? KCR’s nephew and an important minister T Harish Rao has already given a fitting reply to Amit Shah’s criticism. Why did KCR have to get into a dual with the second most powerful person in the country after the prime minister? Why did he have to ridicule the BJP chief by calling him ‘Bhramit Shah’ and saying that as far as he is concerned Telangana is the ‘Badshah?’

People of Telangana have watched Amit Shah making claims about central assistance to Telangana. He also blamed Telangana Government for not doing enough to utilise the central fund thus depriving the people of Telangana the benefit of assistance given by Modi Government. There has been a feeling already among the people of Telangana that KCR is submissive to the NDA Government for some unknown reasons. The chief minister has been very severe in his criticism of the Congress but sparing in the case of TDP and apologetic as far as the BJP is concerned. There were also rumours that the NDA Government has got a dossier prepared on a case of a scam purportedly occurred when KCR was union labour minister. It was believed to be based on a decision KCR took as a minister favouring a Coimbatore company. The Enforcement Directorate is reportedly acting on the allegations. This was supposed to be  the reason for KCR to be subdued when it comes to reacting to Shah’s criticism during his earlier visit when he made a similar comment about central funds. At that time KCR chose to ignore Shah’s criticism.

KCR had to react and react firmly in order to put an end to the rumours regarding the ED case and also to clear the public perception about his being unduly soft on the BJP. Keeping quiet even after Amit Shah’s insinuations would have been most harmful to the image of KCR and Telangana Government. It is also against the temperament of the leader who led Telangana statehood movement by force of his bold moves and unparalleled gift of the gab. So, he decided to strike.

When an angry KCR speaks there would be no mincing of words they come as straight arrows and hit the target powerfully leaving it bleeding.

KCR came prepared for the media conference to rebut Shah’s charges point by point. He reminded the national president of the ruling party that the BJP could not win a single seat in GHMC polls in the five Assembly segments held by the party. He also said the BJP will not win a single Assembly or Lok Sabha seat in 2019.

The chief minister said Telangana State has given ₹50,013 crore to the Centre by way of various taxes in 2016-17 and the Centre in turn gave ₹24,561 crore in the same year. He said the Centre is not doing any ‘meherbaani’ to Telangana as it has given funds only according to the principle of devolution and not a rupee more. Only six or seven states in the country contribute to the Centre more than they take and Telangana is one of them, he pointed out. Reeling out the figures, KCR  said the Centre has so far given ₹ 67,390 crore since formation of TS. It included ₹37,773 crore as part of devolution which is natural in a federal country. ₹ 18,574 crores were given towards centrally sponsored funds and ₹2,055 crore towards the expenditure on national highways.

KCR reminded Amit Shah that his reckless public speeches had cost the BJP heavily in the election to Delhi Assembly. He said TRS is yet to decide whom to support in the presidential elections. He complained that Amit Shah has uttered blatant lies.

BJP sources said the explosive media conference of KCR was keenly watched by Amit Shah at Harris Plaza which is very close to the chief minister’s residence. TBJP president Dr Laxman and National General Secretary of the party Muralidhar Rao were with him. KCR also chose to speak in English and Hindi so that the BJP president can understand.

Later in the evening, Amit Shah has reacted to KCR’s barbs when the former spoke at the BJP booth level workers meeting at Crystal Garden in the city. The BJP president reiterated all his charges and claims with greater force. The BJP leaders felt that Amit Shah and the BJP have got more mileage because of CM’s media conference. As a result of Amit Shah’s latest visit the bonhomie between the BJP and the TRS has ended. That was perhaps what the BJP wanted.

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Unpleasant end to divine event

S Madhusudhana Rao

Think big is the mantra of Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew for the success of the island nation, a friend told me some time ago. The 750 island with just about 55 lakh population corroborates his observation. It was not just Lee who thought big about his small country but hundreds of others around the world think similar way.


S Madhusudhana Rao

While Lee succeeded in transforming a backwater slum into a world class city in his lifetime, others try to do things in a big way either for earning credit in Guinness Records or for own satisfaction. If Dubai is known for setting records all the time – longest gold chain, longest cake, tallest building, biggest shopping mall, the largest man-made island, to mention a few of superlatives – we too try to set records not just to please mortals but divine elements as well.

A classic example is Khairatabad Ganesh idol. Since the celebration began 61 years ago, the God for all reasons and seasons has been growing both in size and stature, attaining a cult status not only in Hyderabad but all over the region. The idol – 59 feet tall this year – was awe-inspiring. The size could have been bigger than the previous year when it was 60 feet. Made to mark the 60th year of Khairatabad Ganesh festival, it posed logistic problems for organizers and police to transport the idol for immersion in Hussain Sagar on 11th day of the event. So, this year, organizers had decided to peg the idol height at 59 feet, which was the same as in 2013.

Befitting the giant gentle Lord was the offering of a massive laddu weighing 5,600kg, kept at the venue for distribution as prasadam to devotees after the immersion ceremony was over. However, this year’s laddu was 1,600kg more than that of last year. Earlier, the enormous laddu was used to be auctioned and the highest bidder had distributed chunks of the sweet ball to devotees. But now, the auction process was discontinued and the laddu prasadam given free of charge to the devout on Friday morning.

Indeed, it was a noble idea until chaos broke out when thousands of worshippers standing in the queue started jostling and pushing each other to get a small piece of the divine offering. According to eyewitness accounts, when the situation went out of control, police had to use force to disperse the crowd. What followed later – chasing of the truck carrying a portion of the laddu for distribution in the donor’s town Tapeswaram in AP, rumours of selling prasadam, cops and some VIPs claiming their share – had made a mockery of sanctity of Ganesh festival.

For many, Khairatabad laddu prasadam is as divine as Tirupati laddus. Leaving without getting a piece of it was distressing. Probably, the prasadam distribution could have been managed and organized in a better manner by giving away pre-packed laddu sachets. But given the rush for laddu prasadam – one could witness it in Tirupati also – there is no guarantee that people would collect it in an orderly manner.

Their irrational behavior is born out of the belief that if they don’t receive prasadam, the devout will incur divine wrath. Since the conviction is ingrained in the people’s minds, no amount of persuasion will change their mindset. Better preparation is the only way to avoid ugly incidents at the end of an otherwise a divine spectacle.

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