Telangana Budget : What about revenue generation?

Hyderabad, November 5: With a highly ambitious budget TRS government has a projected expenditure of Rs 1,00,637 crore for a period of 10 months. With the thrust on development projects, revival of irrigation tanks, focus on water supply in Hyderabad and addressing power crisis and several other welfare schemes a�� the allocations a�� both plan and non plan are going to be around 1 lakh crore.

If the schemes and proposals have to see the light of the day, within the set goal, a specific revenue generation plan has to be in place. For this to happen the fourteen task force committees are believed to have given their reports on a plan of action in order to achieve their goal in the next four years and also ways to mobilize funds and advised on setting up of Evaluation Authority of State of Telangana (EAST) on the lines of Karnataka in order to facilitate independent evaluation of important projects.

The focus of the budget proposals has to be on revenue mobilisation and the annual growth target 20% has to be supported by open market borrowings to implement the ambitious plans. Until now Telangana has borrowed Rs 2800 crore and has the capacity to raise a further Rs 6000 crore.

The budget proposals focused on revenue mobilisation with an annual growth target of 15 to 20 per cent apart from open market borrowings to ground its ambitious programmes. The State so far borrowed Rs.2,800 crore and could raise Rs.6,000 crore more.

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