Telangana Budget: To each his own

Hyderabad, November 7: K Jana Reddy says the Telanganabudget is full of disappointments. The leader of Opposition further went on to say, a�?On no count did the budget offer us any clarity.a�? Eetela Rajender, Finance Minister, on the other hand claims, a�?Budget mirrors aspirations of Telangana people.a�?

Irrigation and agriculture departments get the highest allocation ever; even as 25% of it goes towards farm lean waiver, Rs 250 crore for micro irrigation, Rs 250 crore for green houses and Rs 100 crore for farm mechanisation. Further the Rs 400 croreallocation towards market intervention (that would support prize of major companies), Rs 3000 crore power subsidy and Rs 4,879 crore for and Rs 200 crore for solar pump sets will directly and indirectly help the agriculture sector. Further Rajender expressed the governmenta��s intention to complete the four irrigation projects in Mahabubnagar district and also allocated Rs 2000 crore for revival of lakes and chain link tanks.

But the subsidy allowance stands at Rs 3,000 crore while actual expenditure is close to Rs 6000 crore. The disappointment has been with the budget allocated to education sector also. A�The
Rs 10,956 crore allocated to the sector hardly makes up for 10.89 % which is less than what was allotted in the budget of erstwhile combined state of Andhra Pradesh (16%). And that leaves much to be desired. Further there is no clarity on fee reimbursement, ungradation of government schools etc. Just to implement the much touted KG to PG free education, the government would need 200 crore, according to SFI

Rs 2282.86 was been allotted for improving public health care. Osmania, Gandhi, Kothi Maternity will all also be getting their share of budget to upgrade them. While, district hospitals will be converted into super specialities, an amount of Rs 40 crore was allocated for ENT, chest, Eye and Mental hospitals.

With an allocation of Rs 1,030 crore the government stands as the first one to have allocated a huge budget for minorities.A� In order to please the industrialists,A� a land bank of five acres, Rs 638 crore to clear pending incentives and Rs 90 crore of ITIR (Hyderabad IT And Investment Region).

The budget has raised the hopes of many and dashed the aspirations of few others.A� Eventually, the success of the budget depends on the effective implementation and revenue generation.

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