Teenager Runs For Kansas Governor

A sixteen- year -old secondary school student, Jack Bergson would be contesting for the post of Governor of Kansas

Chicago:A�A�A teenager announced that he would be contesting for the post of governor of Kansas.A�

Jack Bergson, who is not old enough to vote, announced that he would be contesting for the post. In fact, no article in the Kansas Constitution prevents him from running for the post.A�A�

The sixteen-year school student took part in the Jimmy Kimmel show on Star World and spoke about his decision.

a�?Many people throughout the years have suggested that Jack run for public office later in life, but [I] thought, a�?What is the point in waiting to try to help your homeland,a�� a�? Bergson said on his campaign website.

Bergson plans to run as democrat in the election. His issues in the campaign include increasing the minimum wage and improving health care.A�A�He also supports gun rights.

He also revealed that he has raised about $2,200 from 60 people since mid-2016. This would be enough to cover the $2,037 deposit to contest.

If he wins, he would be breaking the record of Stevens T Mason, who was known as a�?Boy Governora��, who got elected to lead the Michigan territory at an age of 24 in 1835.A�

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