Techies Mass Protest Led By NDLF In Chennai

A new outfit called National Democratic Labour Front (NDLF) has emerged to protect the interests if the Techies who are struck by pink slips terror. They demonstrated in Chennai protesting against illegal layoffs.

Chennai: There is a mass protest by techies in Chennai against companies like Wipro, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, IBM and others for sacking employees.

This was initiated by New Democratic Labour Front (NDLF) with posters denouncing capitalism and unethical layoffs. They alleged that companies were looking about profits but not on humans.








In the last two months Wipro has sacked 600 employees, Cognizant fired 7000-8000 employees, and Infosys nearly 9000 employees.

Suresh, Legal Adviser of NDLF challenged the companies which are illegally laying off the employees. The found fault with the system of simply sending pink slips to send the employees out. The Techies have absolutely no job security and it is affecting their health.

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