Techie Sasikala’s Parents Accuse Son-In-Law For Her Death


Amaravati: Parents of a techie, Narra Sasikala, who was found dead in her US flat, point an accusing finger at their son-in-law. Sasikala and her seven-year-old son, Anish Sai were found dead and the US police have already taken Sasikala’s husband, Hanumantha Rao into custody.

Sasikala’s parents, Sunkara Venkateswara Rao and Krishna Kumari, both retired teachers residing in Lakshmipuram Colony on the outskirts of the city, alleged that their son-in-law had killed their daughter and grandson. They alleged that their son-in-law had been harassing their daughter for the past four years. They said that Hanumantha Rao had an extra-marital affair with another woman, his colleague in the office, which was opposed by Sasikala. The couple had verbal exchanges often with Sasikala objecting to the affair and Hanumantha Rao asking her to accept it. The parents alleged that Hanumantha Rao was also giving huge money to the other woman while Sasikala was running home with her earnings as she works from home.

The parents appealed to the US Embassy in India to help the family in bringing back the bodies of their daughter and grandson. “This is unfortunately the weekend and we have to approach the officials only on Monday. We hope that the officials of both US and India would help us. We also request the Telugu-speaking people in US to help us,” the parents said.

The parents said that Sasikala had informed them and her in-laws about Hanumantha Rao’s affair and sought their intervention to end it. The parents also said that they have tried to advise their son-in-law to stop the affair and harassing their daughter. In fact, both Venkateswara Rao and Krishna Kumari had planned to visit their daughter in US in May this year and talk to the son-in-law in person.

As Hanumantha Rao was misusing the family’s money, Sasikala had opened a separate bank account which had strained the relations between the two. Since then, Hanumantha Rao is alleged to have intensified the harassment for money and even began to torture her.

Sasikala spoke to the parents 12 hours before her untimely death. She had informed the parents of her son’s achievement in the school where he was to be honored as the best student in the school.

Meanwhile, Narra Subba Rao and Siva Parvathi, parents of Hanumantha Rao, who live in Thimmarajupalem village of Parchuru mandal in Prakasam district, too were in a shock following the death of their daughter-in-law and grandson and the subsequent arrest of their son by the US police. Subba Rao is in constant touch with the members of the Telugu associations in US to help their son.

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