SHE teams nab 23 men

  • Caught while harassing women

Hyderabad, January 13: Ever since the 60 SHE teams were pressed into service by the Cyberabad Police on December 24 last, 23 persons were caught while resorting to eve-teasing, stalking and harassing women in public places. The profile of the offenders varies from teenage schoolboys to old men. There have been instances where educated men with B.Tech/Marketing background were also apprehended while troubling women in public.

The teams, besides concentrating on keeping a tab on these offenders have also visited colleges, ladies hostels, bus stations, IT companies, construction sites where unskilled woman laborers work and other such places to conduct awareness campaigns on eve-teasing. The statistics of offenders is follows:

Total No of Cases Reported – 16 in (East Zone 5A�West Zone 11)A� Total No OfA� RespondentsA� – 23A�A�A�A� (East Zone – 5A� West Zone -18) Age ProfileA� Majors (Above 18 years)A� – 15A�A� Minors (Below 18 years) – 8.A� Booked under City Police Act – 21 Under IPC sections a�� 3 , Total No Of Persons Counselled a�� 45

Every Saturday, professional counseling is being organized in the CAW (Crime Against Women) Cell situated in CP Office. The offenders are also asked to join the teams in spreading awareness on Women Safety. Counselling is done under the guidance of DCP-Malkajgiri, Ms. Rama Rajeshwari, IPS., Ms. Usha, ACP(Crimes), Ms. Snehita, ACP(Cyber Crimes) and trained counselors in the presence of the family members.

The teams’ future course of action is to conduct more number of awareness programs for “Target groups” in Colleges for both men and women. Also to educate women about how to report any incidence of abuse, to teach men about the laws relating to teasing, stalking, other forms of abuse etc. The teams are also urging institutions and establishments to display boards at work places about “Dial 100” and the Face book page of “Cyberabad SHE teams”.A� They are also planning to conduct Seminars a�� involving NGOs, Govt. Organizations, Women/Men from various walks of life and Parents.

Advisories are being sent to RTC to sensitize drivers and conductors to enable them to help a woman when she reports about abuse in transit. Special drives are planned to keep a tab on autos plying in outskirts, which are used by a huge chunk of womenfolk to travel. (NSS)

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