Teacher MLC Poll Postponed To 19.

Photo Mixup Forces Postponement Of MLC Election To 19
Hyderabad: soon after polling for RR-Mahaboobnagar-Hyderabad Teacher MLC election a blunder of photo mix-up of two candidates was found. State Chief Election Commissioner Bhanwarlal announced the postponement of the election to March 19.

Twelve candidates competed for one Teacher MLC position. The photos of UTF candidate Manik Reddy (Serial number 3 in the ballot paper)and independent candidate Laxmaiah (Serial number 9) got mixed up confusing the voters. Both the candidates met Bhanwarlal and demanded postponement of election.

The Chief Election Officer has explained that in the first proof there was a spelling mistake which was sought to be corrected. In the second proof the mistake was corrected. Only that part was checked. But surprisingly the photos of two candidates got mixed-up. Then Bhanwarlal had sent a report to the Election Commissioner regarding the mix-up. It was decided to put off the election. The officers are investigating the sequence of events.

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