TDP a�?trapa�� for BJP in Uttarandhra

Vijayawada: The upcoming MLC elections in AP will decide the future of BJP and its entity in the State. Out of 5 seats, the TDP has left the Uttarandhra seat to its ally BJP as the latter had won the Vizag parliamentary seat in 2014 elections. Even the BJP claims it is strong in this zone, but the situation looks to be vice versa with YSRCP gaining ground from the grass roots level.

According to political experts, it will be a cake walk for YSRCP with BJP failing to fulfill the special status promise and delaying Railway Zone to Visakhapatnam. This has made the situation worse and difficult for BJP in the Uttarandhra region. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, who knows the situation very well, hasA�A� given green signal to the ally to contest. The CMa��s game plan is clear: He feels BJP will reduce pressure on him in bargaining seats in the next elections if it gets defeated badly.

On the other hand, the BJP has not improved its vote bank on its own after 2014 elections. In other words, the saffron partya��s position in AP looks similar to that of 1999 when BJP had failed to maintain a strong presence after winning the maximum number of Parliament seats in East and West Godavari districts during the wave of Vajpayee but losing its grip later. From that time onwards, the party had been in limbo in AP until Narendra Modi stormed the political stage.

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