TDP Plays Cheap Tricks On a�?YSR KUTUMBAMa�?

Response for YSR Kutumbam campaign is creating troubles for ruling party which started cheap tricks in social media by clicking the ads to get zero value for YCP.

Amravati: Slowly and steadily, campaign by YCP in the name of YSR KUTUMBAM is catching the pulse of voters who are dissatisfied with ruling party.

On the eve of YSR Vardhanthi, YCP Chief announced a special programme in the name of YSR Kutumbam. A mobile number was released by YCP on the day with 9121091210 for people of AP. As soon as we dial the number, we can hear the voice of Jagan stating that as soon as YCP comes into power, all problems will be solved.

There were lakhs of people who were benefitted during late YSR period like Arogyasri, Fee reimbursement, farmers and main idea of this concept is to bring all these beneficiaries under one fold, which is YSR KUTUMBAM.

After viewing the overwhelming response for this programme, ruling party, TDP, started to foul play in the name of clicks on the ads given by YCP in social media. It started clicking the ad intentionally and incurring zero value but high price to YSR Congress. This can be seen clearly on Telugu websites where YSR Kutumbam ads are running on.

But YCP keeping all this aside is concentrating on Whats app numbers of the joined participants to make use of them in coming general assembly elections.

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