TDP MP Sona��s VIP arrogance

The MPa��s son who was asked to stop his car by the toll plaza staff as he was not eligible for toll-free category got into a scuffle with them and vandalised the booths.

Hyderabad: Lalbattis have gone, but not VIP arrogance. Umpteen incidents have been reported even after banning Lalbatti, a bid to end VIP culture. While Prime Minister Modi described every Indian as a VIP, leaders and officials seem to be thinking otherwise. While an official hit the petrol bunk staff for making him wait in the queue like aam admi; a relative of BJP legislator thrashed a traffic police for stopping him. These are the incidents that took place after an attempt was made to end VIP culture. Prior to that, such incidents were countless and were not taken seriously by officials or media.

In a fresh incident, Telugu Desam MP Nimmala Kishtappaa��s son proved this at a toll plaza on Anantapur-Bengaluru National Highway. The video footage going viral shows how the VIPa��s son Ambarish and his friends vandalised the toll plaza. The incident occurred at Bagepalli, in Chikballapur district of Karnataka. As the clerk asked them to follow the procedure, the gang smashed windows and the cabins of the toll booth.

According to the Superintendent of Police of Chikballapur, the incident which occurred on Monday morning was just because his car was stopped at the toll plaza. While the MPa��s son claimed that his car belonged to the toll-free category, the plaza staff insisted that he was not eligible for that category. A scuffle broke out between them. Police had to book a case and a counter case on the two parties.

However, the MP N Kishtappa responding to media questions blamed the staff of poll plaza instead of his sona��s unruly behaviour. That is the kind of culture that is being nurtured by the politicians!

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