TDP MLC Deepak Reddy Arrested In Land Scam Case

Deepak Reddy, son-in-law of MP Diwakar Reddy, was arrested Tuesday night. He was allegedly involved in more than six cases.

Hyderabad: It is another embarrassing moment for AP CM Naidu. After CBI raids on TDP MLC Vakati Narayana Reddy, now it is the turn of Anantpur MLC who was arrested in connection with land forgery case by Central Crime Station police.

This is a high profile case as Deepak Reddy was a businessman and son-in-law of JC Diwaka Reddy, TDP MP. Deepak Reddy during 2012 elections showed assets of a�? 6000 crore in his affidavit. Later in March 2017 he was elected as member of Legislative Council.

Forgery case: Land grabbing, cheating cases were filed against him along with four others for alleged encroachment of lands in Banjara Hills with the help of forged documents.

Deepak Reddy , along with Advocate Shailesh Saxena, created forged documents of Government lands located in Banjara Hills, Asifnagar, Abids, and a few other places in the city and grabbed them.

In 2016 a case was registered with the complaint of Shaikpet Thaslidar and the accused was arrested as he did not attend the court within the stipulated time.

Meanwhile, this arrest is creating tremors in both Telugu States .Police are suspecting links of Deepak Reddy with Goldstone Prasad, who was kingpin in the biggest land scam of Telangana which happened in Miyapur, Hyderabad, a few days ago.

Deepak Reddy who was arrested on preliminary charges of land grabbing assets worth a�? 165 crore has to answer many questions in police custody and if he opens his mouth, sensational and surprising details of grabbing will come out, say observers

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