TDP Leaders Consulting Astrologers

Series of sad Incidents that rattled top TDP leaders are making them to consult astrologers to find solutions to their personal problems.

Amaravati: Recent incidents in AP have made the ruling party leaders to move towards famous astrologers to find a way so that the chain of tragedies would not continue.

Demise of Devneni Nehru, Bhuma Nagi Reddy, Minister Narayanaa��s son, Yanamala Venkata Rao and CBI attack on Vakati Narayana Reddy, MLC, all are haunting TDP leaders making them nervous and superstitious.

Now, TDP leaders strongly believe that a ghost or evil is chasing the party and the negative force can be driven away by astrologers. Naturally, when series of sad incidents happen particularly to a person or party, this kind of steps are taken.

TDP Supremo who believes in Vaasthu and astrology may move towards it once he reaches Amaravati from Delhi.

One thing is clear. TDP started facing severe problems in the form of anti-incumbency and the once staunch ally, the BJP, has been slowly moving away.

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