TDP Leader Allegedly Forces Florist To Act Like Transgender

It is a strange case of a so called TDP leader who forced a young man to pretend as a transgender so that he can beg in the street and earn money for the leader.
TDP Leader Allegedly Forces Florist To Act Like Transgender

Visakhapatnam: The two-town police received a freak complaint from a 24-year-old youth of the city that he was being coerced into pretending as a transgender by a Telugu Desam Party ward leader.

In a complaint lodged with the police, T. Ganesh stated that he felt like committing suicide unable to bear with the persecution from the TDP leader of 29th ward S.Ellaji who was also a leader of an LGBT union. Ganesh is living with his wife and two children at Bhupesh Nagar in the city.

The two town police informed that Ganesh was a florist at Bhupesh Nagar and would sell flowers to Ellaji and four transgenders. They used to pay him more than the flowers worth every time they bought flowers. It happened almost regularly resulting in friendship among them.

The four transgenders at the insistence of Ellaji had him drink liquor laced with some sedative, one day. As he lapsed into sleep, he was stripped and then cladded in womena��s dress. They also took photographs of Ganesh in that posture and dress.

Ellaji thereafter reportedly began forcing him to pretend like a transgender and beg at the main junctions in the same manner other transgenders of his union allegedly did. Ganesh refused to toe his line. Ellaji showed Ganesha��s wife the pictures they shot when Ganesh was in womena��s dress. As a result, she left him and went to her parenta��s house, Ganesh complained.

On receiving a complaint, the two town police raided Ellajia��s house and booked him under IPC sections 197,323,355,385,506,323 and 109.

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