TDP Finds Weapon To Counter Roja

TDP at last found an actress to counter YCP MLA Roja in all means who is going to join party in coming days

Amaravati: If any lady troubling TDP with her harsh words during campaign, it is one and only MLA Roja. TDP leaders found an actress to counter her in coming days.

As per our sources, TDP leaders flew to Chennai to invite her into TDP and the actress gave green signal for their invitation.

It is none other than actress Vani Viswanath who will be the TDP flag bearer in coming days. In interaction with TDP leaders, Vani Viswanth praised the leadership qualities of CM Naidu and said that she will formally join party at Amaravati in few days.

But is she talent enough to counter Roja who became thorn for TDP is a big question mark. Vani Viswanath is poor in Telugu when compared to Roja and new in politics.

MLA Roja created miserable time for the TDP on many occasions with her strong criticism whenever she got the opportunity. Only mistake she committed was a slip of the tongue in Assembly against MLA Anitha which resulted in one year suspension from Assembly.

But after that episode she bounced back and started harsh criticism on the ruling party which could not be stopped by TDP. She is the only lady firebrand in YSRCP who counters TDP MLAs whenever they attack Jagan .

It is fair to say there was no other leader in YSRCP like Roja in coming up with pungent comments on TDP which hit like a bullet to ruling party leaders. After searching ways and failing to keep Roja quiet, the ruling party started to circulate rumours about her that she is fighting a cold war with Jagan and is going to leave the party.

This did not worked well for TDP and now eyeing on cine glamour to counter fire brand Roja.

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