TDP Awaits PawanKalyana��s Support For Nandyal

With only five days left for the campaign to end the Nandyal by-election, the ruling TDP is waiting for its ally, Jana Sena, to extend its support. While the opposition leader Jagan is extensively campaigning in the segment since August 9 and had already won the support of hero Mahesh Babu and Krishna fans, the TDP is looking at PawanKalyan.

Nandyal: The ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) is now looking at the ally a�� Jana Sena a�� for a word in its favour in the Nandyal by-election. Though the party sought the support of another pal a�� BJP a�� it is worried about the presence of over 25,000 Muslim voters in the segment, and has asked the saffron leaders to campaign without their party flag. The BJP is said to have disagreed to work for the TDP without its presence felt and has decided to remain silent, giving freedom to the party voters.

The Congress has fielded its own candidate, while the two Left parties have made an appeal to the voters to vote against the TDP. While it is not decided yet to whom the Left votes would poll, the TDP is worried about the possible damage if the Left goes to the YSR Congress. The only solace for the ruling party is the presence of the Congress, which is set to eat into the YSR Congress votes.

Fighting a lone battle, the TDP is now making repeated appeals to PawanKalyan to announce his support to the party if not campaign. The TDP leadership is sending its emissaries to the Jana Sena chief. Sources in the TDP say that some of the Kapu leaders from the ruling party have met PawanKalyan and submitted the video footage of the Kapu meet organised by the TDP in Vijayawada on August 14.

The Kapu leaders have on two occasions invoked the name of PawanKalyan, and there were slogans and whistles in favour of the leader, which indicates the TDPa��s soft corner towards the leader.

a�?We are entertaining PawanKalyana��s name in our meetings too and are allowing our party leaders to say zindabad to the Jana Sena chief. He should reciprocate that and extend support to us in Nandyal,a�? quipped a TDP Kapu leader.

The TDP is now having its hero, Balakrishna, campaign for the party on Wednesday, and Chandrababu Naidu is scheduled for August 19, two days before the closure of the campaign. The TDP wants PawanKalyan to speak to media at least on August 20, so that the message goes well and would be advantage to the TDP. It is to be seen how PawanKalyan would act and react to the allya��s request.

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