TD seeks protection of democratic values

Hyderabad: Telugu Desam politburo member and senior leader Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy demanded that the state government protect the values of democracy by withdrawing suspension of TD member immediately.

Speaking to media, he said the government did not respond even as the Opposition demanded withdrawal of suspension of TD member. Reddy termed the government action as undemocratic and TD members have deprived from their right to raise issue relating to public in the Assembly.

Continuing his tirade against TRS, the TD leader said Telangana was a rich state by the time the TRS taking over its reins. But after TRS government came to rule, the state has become debt-ridden, he alleged.

Quoting a report submitted by the Central government in Rajya Sabha, Ravula said Telangana stood number one in borrowing in the country. Telangana had taken loan of Rs 79,880 crore by June 2014. But now that loan amount has been increased by Rs 37,108 crore in 2016-17, the TD leader said.

Criticising the functioning of TRS government on irrigation projects, Ravula said 34 projects which are now under construction were initiated when TD is in power. But now the TRS government claims that as their projects, he lamented.

The TD leader asked the state government to give details how much work it has completed in 34 pending projects which are now under construction. 

Courtesy: NSS

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