Tax Payers Oppose Metro Rail For Vijayawada

Amaravati: The Tax Payers Association on Friday opposed the proposed Metro Rail project for the city.

Speaking to media persons, Tax Payers Association president V Sambi Reddy and secretary M V Anjaneyulu, said that the metro rail project is suitable to the major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad and where the distance from one end of the city to the other end is around 100 kilometers, while it is just 10 km in Vijayawada. The metro rail for Vijayawada is not viable, they said and sought to advise the government to extend it to the closest towns around the city to make it viable and useful for the people.

They said that the proposed two routes from the Pundit Nehru Bus Station (PNBS), on Bandar Road and Eluru Road, which are around 10 km to 12 km. Instead, the Tax Payers advised the government and the metro rail project management to have six routes from PNBS to Nuzvid, Autapalli, Mylavaram, Kankipadu, Nandigama and Amaravati to be viable and useful for the people. They said that the project would cost more for the government and the Metro rail project if it is executed on the city roads as land acquisition cost would be high. Instead, it would cost less if the above six routes are preferred and the metro rail project is planned on the alternative routes.

The Tax Payers said that the traffic in Vijayawada city would be free once the flyovers at Kanakadurga Temple and Benz Circle are completed. Besides, they requested the government to provide road over and road under bridges at important junctions in the city to ease the traffic flow. They wanted the government to go for another flyover across the railway track from Chittinagar to Kedareswarapet across the railway lines to have free flow of traffic in the city.

The tax payers said that the proposal to have three bridges across river Krishna connecting Amaravati would further ease the traffic flow in the new capital and that would make the metro unviable.

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