After Tamil Bigg Boss, NTR’s Telugu Version Lands In Trouble

After Tamil Bigg Boss, it is the turn of NTR’s Telugu version of the programme to face the heat after a case was filed with the State Human Rights Commission by a social activist for violating the human rights.

Hyderabad: NTR’s Bigg Boss show, first for him on small screen, has tasted a huge success with reports showing 5.2 crore viewers for the first episode, making his fans happy. But, the show faced the heat after Aychutha Rao of Balala Hakkula Sangham, an NGO in Hyderabad, moved Human Rights Commission on Friday stating that this show violated basic human rights.

According to Rao, in the name of the TV show, the programme is imposing punishments that may lead to loss of life. Sticking plaster on mouth for hours, pushing them to sleep in garden the whole night, and making participants to dip in a pool for more than 50 times, are a few examples of human rights violations, he said.

Bigg Boss premiere, which was telecasted on July 15, was a huge success, and even as per BARC reports, this show was viewed by 5.2 crore people in both the Telugu states, which is considered to be a hit.

Chairman of Telangana Chamber of Commerce, Ramakrishna, also hinted NTR to stay away from this show, as he said he had thought it would lead to controversy.

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