Friday, October 30, 2020
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Tag: US elections

US Elections 2020: Trump and twitter War

Twitter Flags Trump’s tweets for second timeDecision after disclaimer posted tweet of Trump on postal Ballot as “dispute”

Satta Market favours Joe Biden in US, Tejaswi in Bihar

Biggest betting community in India favours Biden in US Tough fight in Bihar, but JD(U)-BJP alliance will lose, market predicts

US Elections: Indian Americans for Joe Biden

Kamala Harris a source of mobilisationIndian Americans concerned with healthcare, law & OrderIndo-US relations are far from their thoughts

Trump vs. Biden: Who is ahead in US elections?

Venkata Kondubhatla The race for the US presidential elections is tightening. US President Donald Trump has...

Biden vs Trump: What it means to India?

Venkata Kondubhatla With the US presidential elections around the corner, many question which candidate is likely to be better...

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3 BJP workers killed by terrorists in Kashmir

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France is under attack

In Nice, 3 persons  killed in knife attack at churchFrance President Macron says” France is under attack”The incident...

Speedy trial in Warangal mass-murder: A lesson for other Courts

Death warrant to the criminalSpeed of the trial is an example for othersTen persons were killed to his...

When will Agrigold bloom again?

Lakhs of families depend on the organisationAssets are more than liabilitiesJudiciary alone can solve the issueAll eyes on...