T journalists threaten to lay siege to Assembly

  • Demand to implement panel suggestions

Hyderabad:A�Telangana Union of Working Journalists (TUWJ)-IJU has warned the State government that TUWJ-IJU will lay siege to the Assembly if it failed to solve the problems of the journalists.A�A�The union has demanded that the State government amend theA�GO No 239 and give accreditations to all working journalists by implementing Dr K Ramachandra Murthy Committee recommendations in toto.

Speaking to the media hereA�on Monday, TUWJ leaders K Srinivas Reddy, D Amar, Y Narender Reddy, Virahath Ali and T Koti Reddy extended their support to the movement of the medium and small newspapers. They demanded that the State government implement the Arogya Sri Reimbursement Scheme on par with the State government employees. They said the problems have arisen just because of non-implementation of Ramachandra Murthy Committee recommendations and demanded that the government implement the committee recommendations in toto.

They made it clear that they are not against the medium and small newspapers; but it was not proper on the part of the government to set educational qualifications as eligibility for giving accreditations. They said journalists study the society by forming relations with the people and strive to bring their problems to light.

The issue of educational qualifications will arise in the case of management but they are not necessary for those who bring societya��s problems to the public, scribes said. When there is no need for educational qualifications to enter legislative houses, where is such need for journalists, they asked.

They remembered the government giving health cards to all working journalists irrespective of having accreditation cards and provide health insurance as mentioned in the TRS party manifesto. They asked the government, which assured the journalists that it will provide Arogya Sri reimbursement facility on par with the government employees, to tell as to why it was not implementing the scheme to the journalists. The government was treating journalists with bias, they alleged. They made it clear that they will seize the Assembly during the winter session in case the government failed to solve the journalistsa�� problems. -NSS

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