T Congress Whip Stages Walk Out In Protest

Hyderabad: SC, ST Sub-Plan Committee member and Congress Whip in Telangana Assembly Sampath Kumar on Monday staged a walkout for not being given an opportunity to speak on the Appropriation Bill.

Sampath Kumar said the party seniors had assured him that he would be given an opportunity to speak. But, though the session was coming to an end, he did not get an opportunity. Finding that his party was not supporting his demand, he staged a walkout.

Speaking at the CLP office later, Sampath criticised the senior members of the party for not backing him. He said the seniors remained silent on the issue.

He also said though the TRS was harassing the Congress members, the seniors remained silent. Even Komatireddy Venkata Reddy said the Congress could not attack the ruling TRS in the way it could.

Both Jana Reddy and Uttam Kumar Reddy said they would ensure that such things would not recur in the House. (NSS)

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