Swine flu vaccination services at doorstep

Hyderabad:A�Nightingales Home Health Services, pioneer in providing healthcare at home, announced swine flu vaccination services at doorstep inA�Hyderabad. Nightingales has so far administered more than 3000 vaccinations for employees at a large corporate.

Swine flu has hit Hyderabad and three patientsA�have died of virulent fever in the New Year and the toll has touched nine since the seasona��s outbreak in August 2016.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), vaccines are the most effective ways of safeguarding oneself from contracting the illness during influenza epidemics and pandemics.

Dr. Vijay Agarwal, Clinical Director, Nightingales Home Health Services, said, a�?Senior citizens, children, especially below two years, and pregnant women are in the high risk category as they have less immunity. This has been proven by the swine flu deaths in the city where the patient was either a diabetic or had hypertension.a�?

“I think ita��s a wakeup call for us, we cannot let people die when preventive aspects like vaccination are handy to the citizens ofA�Hyderabad. To curb influenza virus infection, we need to take active step of vaccinating ourselves,a�? addedA�Sudhaker Jadhav, Regional Head, Nightingales Home Health Services. -NSS

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