Swine Flu Claims 2 more

  • In all 29 killed in 2 months in twin cities
  • 15 Junior Doctors in Osmania Hospital Affected

Hyderabad, January 29: A woman and a youth died in Gandhi Hospital while 15 junior doctors of Osmania Hospital were detected with symptoms of the deadly H1N1 virus and undergoing treatment as the Swine Flu terror continued to play havoc in the Telangana State, especially in Hyderabad City.

According to official figures available as many as 58 patients are undergoing treatment for Swine Flu in Gandhi Hospital of whom 10 are stated to be children, while the number of patients being treated in Osmania Hospital is 29 and 40 patients in Fever Hospital. The deadly disease has claimed the lives of 29 persons in the two-month period of December and January of whom 19 have diedA�during this month.

While the authorities of all the hospitals have been on alert andA�initiated all precautionary measuresA�to contain the spread of the deadly virus, there seems to be no relief as the patientsA�with the symptoms continues to make aA�beeline to hospitals. Another intriguing fact is thatA�many with the symptoms are rushing to the hospitals after casually getting treated in private dispensaries andA�finding no decline in the situation.

Meanwhile the state administration is keeping a close watch on the alarming situation and directed the concerned authorities to ensure that there was a dearth of required medicines and vaccines in the hospitals. However with doctors too getting affected by the virus, panic gripped the medical staff especially the nurses, in various hospitals though they were taking all the precautionaryA�measures like attending to duties wearing masks. (NSS)

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