Swaraj Abhiyan Launches Jai Kisan Movement

HYDERABAD: Swaraj Abhiyan, Telangana today launched its nationwide Jai Kisan Movement in the presence of members of steering committee of Telangana and farmers.

Jai Kisan movement leader, Yogendra Yadav, said, “We have been seeing every political party holding rallies in the name of farmers, but none of them was reaching out to the distressed farmers to understand their plight. From today, the Swaraj Abhiyan has started mass-contact program, where the volunteers in every state will reach out to the farmers to understand their problems and establish a dialogue with them”.

Over the next two months, the volunteers will cover around one-lakh villages in the country and some 1,000 villages in Telangana State to tell the farming community and villagers about the fraud by successive governments. Swaraj Abhiyan aims to become a strong voice against the injustices meted out to farmers, he said.

Swaraj Abhiyan has submitted its suggestions to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on land bill demanding to take back the anti-farmer provisions brought through the second amendment bill of 2015.

The core issue of farmers’ plight is the fact that farming as a profession is not profitable. Whatever be the inflation, whatever be the general price rise of the commodities, seeds, fertilizers, urea, etc, crop prices are never increased in similar proportion, Yadav said.

Swaraj Abhiyan has demanded that a Minimum Income Act for farmers be passed so that they are not compelled to commit suicide as a means to free themselves from the burden of loans. The demands of Jai Kisan movement include withdrawal of land acquisitions second amendment bill 2015; Demand for Farmers’ Minimum Income Guarantee Act; Comprehensive, assured and adequate compensation against natural calamity.

Farmers, who wish to be a part of the Jai Kisan movement during mass-contact program, will have to send pots of soil “kalash” from their village. Thousands of “kalash” from across the country will be sent to Parliament House in New Delhi. In the second phase of the movement, farmers led by Yogendra Yadav will undertake a “Tractor March” to Parliament.

The march will start on August 1 from Punjab and reach Delhi moving through Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The month will culminate on August 10 during the monsoon session of parliament with “kalash” from thousands of farmers belonging to villages from all parts of the country presented before Parliament.

Swaraj Abhiyan has released a miss-call number 011-4666-6662 for people willing to be a part of the Jai Kisan Movement. Yadav said, “This is a movement of the farmers, but not just for farmers, nor merely by the farmers. We also aim to involve urban citizens, especially youth. This is a movement for reshaping the country’s future”, he added. (NSS)

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