Swamy Strikes Again, Finally Gets Chidambarama��s Wicket

Subramanian Swamy, the giant killer, has proved his mettle once again by forcing Chidambaram face CBI inquiry. The former finance minister is the latest wicket in wily Swamy’s bulging kitty.

New Delhi: He was expelled from IIT for his strange views and was discredited by Indira Gandhi as a a�?Santa Clause with unrealistic ideasa�?. His ideas appear to be queer but after a course of time, some of them proved to be right and gained acceptance. Subramnian Swamy, the maverick MP from Tamil Nadu, has now become a crusader against corruption as his relentless war on Chidambaram, former finance minister and Congress heavy-weight, has fructified, finally.

Swamy vowed to send Karti Chidambaram and also his father to jail for their acts of omission and commission,A�not now but in 2012 itself. a�?Mr Chidambaram helped his son to involve in largescale financial mis-conduct. I will tell you one example. The currency of India and Pakistan is being printed on same machines supplied by one British company- De La Rue- based in London and that contract was cleared by Chidambaram as his son is a sleeping partner of the machines company. Is it fair? This was a fraud as much of the fake currency is being dumped into India by Pak and the terror groups that operate from that country. I urged finance ministry to look for another company which should manufacture machines only to print Indian currency. But Chidambaram did not pay heed to my word. I will see to it that this contract is cancelled and drag Chidambaram and his son to courta�? Mr Swamy told a meeting of RSS and BJP cadre in Hyderabad in 2013 itself.

He has disclosed 21 secret accounts of Karti very recently which nailed the father-son duo. Chidambarama��s denial has few takers as his sona��s unaccounted wealth has been exposed by the Modi government with all the proofs of account numbers and how it has been accumulated.

Interestingly, Swamy has brought all the three major politicians of Tamil Nadu to book. With 2G spectrum scam, he has made the family members of Karunanidhi as the main scamsters along with Raja. His second wicket was Jayalalitha, who along with her close confidante, Sasikala Natarajan, was involved in amassing great wealth. And now, Chidambaram, swamya��s bA?te noir for quite a long time is in deep trouble.

Swamy had even achieved a degree of success in the National Herald case too, as the Delhi High Court has ordered investigation on Gandhis- Sonia and Rahul- basing onA�a criminal complaint by the quirky Rajya Sabha member.

Another key aspect in these cases is that Swamy approached the highest Court of the land to send these corrupt politicians packing.

According to sources,A�the present finance minister Arun Jaitley was not that much favorable to act on Chidambarama��s issue as he thought that the case is not that strong. This is the reason why Swamy has been satirical on Jaitley for being sympathetic towards his predecessor. Understanding that so long as Jaitley is at the helm, nothing would be done, Mr Swamy approached the apex court which questioned the inaction by the CBI. Union Government has no other option but to direct CBI to go whole hog against Chidambaram.

The trial of the case may go on for several months from now. But for Chidambaram, 71, who even once aspired for Presidenta��s post, this has the potential to draw curtains on his chequered political career.

Swamy, can feel elated for several reasons. His struggle against his political opponents has been successful so far and he has also brought the main functionaries of the Congress into the cobweb which may eventually help the BJP- more so, Narendra Modi- in the 2019 general elections which are two years from now.

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