Swamy Ridicules Rajini While RSS Praises

Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth’s statement” If God decides that I join politics, then I will do so” was described as a Joke by Subramnyam Swamy.

Chennai: Rajinikanth who had a hearty meeting with his fans after 8 years on Monday stated that he will join politics if God decides so. This statement was called as a joke by BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy and advised him to stay away from politics.

But on the other hand, RSS ideologue Gurumurthy and some other RSS leaders welcomed the statement. As per Gurumurthy, Rajini’s statement reflects PM Narednra Modi’s views. Modi said “Naa Khaoonga, Naa Khaanedunga” (Won’t take bribes, won’t let anyone take bribe). Rajini also believes in the same philosophy.

It is clear that BJP is trying to woo the Super Star who has a good appeal in all castes and classes of TN. But Swamy came out with a controversial statement that Rajini has been with different parties and has no particular ideology, and is a mere distraction.

Swamy went on to say that Cinema people are good at giving statements as their dialogues are scripted. Rajini is a Marathi from Bengaluru and not a Tamilian, Swamy said.

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