Suravaram says Modi is a liar

HYDERABAD: Alleging that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not only a big demagogue but also a liar, CPI General Secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy said the Left Parties alone have the strength to fight against the communal BJP.

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  • CPI is not against industries
  • Centre not keen on bringing back black money


Speaking to the media at CPI State Office a�?Maqdoom Bhavana�? here on Wednesday on the occasion of becoming partya��s national general secretary for second time, Suravaram said the CPI has decided to fight against the BJP at national level. Criticizing the BJPa��s soft-corner towards communal politics, he said the former was neglecting the linguistic, religious and others giving top priority to the millionaires and industrialists. The Centre has been introducing new tax policies only to satisfy the millionaires, he alleged. As part of it, the Centre has been reducing funds to welfare schemes like NREGS, Food Security and introduced Land Acquisition Ordinance.

Stating that the CPI was not against the industries, Suravaram said it is not proper to the Centre to acquire land forcibly from the farmers instead of giving good compensation, alternative land at other place and providing other amenities. a�?The Centre should acquire land only after convincing farmersa�?, he opined.

Finding fault with the BJP Government at the Centre, Suravaram said the Centre was not keen on bringing back black money from foreign countries as assured before the elections. He alleged that a�?Modi is direct agent of multinational companies and millionaires and hence he was not making efforts to bring back black money from other countriesa�?.

Urging well-wishers of the Left Parties to discuss on re-unification of Left Parties, Suravaram said CPI Mahasabha held at Puducherry assured solidarity with historians, artistes and intellectuals, who were fighting against the communal and cultural activities of BJP. He also said CPI is ready for more sacrifices and it would fight for the rights of historians, artistes and so on.

Revealing that CPIa��s 22nd National Executive Meeting was held at Puducherry a few days ago, Suravaram said he would work for the Partya��s reactivation and rejuvenation. a�?The Party experienced losses and we decided to come out from the debaclea�?, he said, adding that the Party will fight against the issues by activating Party cadre in villages and towns. The Party will observe December 26, 2015 as an a�?Organisational Yeara�� on the occasion of CPIa��s 90th anniversary.

CPI senior leader K Narayana, Chada Venkat Reddy, Aziz Pasha, Palla Venkat Reddy, Ramakrishna and Pashya Padma were also present. (NSS)

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