Suravaram Hopes CPI-CPI (M) Will Merge Within Five Years

The Communist Party of India had vertically split into two, more that 50 years ago, leading to the formation of breakaway CPI (M). There have been sporadic talks of their merger since then.

Hyderabad: The CPI (M) will merge with CPI in the next five years, declared CPI General Secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy. “This is because the conditions that prevailed during 1964, which led to the breakup of the Communist Party, have changed,” he explained.

Speaking to the media on Monday, he observed that both parties will be able to survive only if they are united; otherwise, both will have to face problems.  “It has become difficult for two like-minded parties having the same goal to lead movements separately,” he remarked.

“If we work together, the results will be great. I don’t say that the situation will change overnight, but the effect will be evident,” he stated. Suravaram pointed out both the CPI and CPI (M) parties are currently working together on issues like secularism, democracy and commitment to Constitution.

However, he clarified that there would be no open talks regarding the merger. Though both parties have a positive attitude towards a merger, no discussions have been held with the CPI (M) leadership yet by his party.

Survaram disclosed that high-level meetings were scheduled in both the parties next year and expected that the merger issue could come under focus then.

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Suravaram Urges Chhattisgarh CM to Release Telangana Activists

Hyderabad: General Secretary of CPI, Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy has requested the Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh to intervene in the arrests of Telangana intellectuals of Civil Rights movement, and see that they were released and the false cases against them be withdrawn.

In a letter to the chief minister, the CPI leader pointed out that seven intellectuals, civil society personalities of Telangana were arrested and kept in Jail in Chattishgarh on the pretext of Naxalites. They were on their way to Chattishgarh, as a fact-finding committee to find the real situation on the ground level. It is unfortunate that they were arrested without verifying whether the allegation is right or wrong. They are known people in Telangana Civil Society carrying on their independent professions and playing their role in civil society at Hyderabad and in their native places. In fact they were arrested in Bhadrachalam by AP police and handed over to Chattishgarh police, the letter stated.

Reddy questioned if they were Naxalites, why should they openly announce and go to Chattishgarh. The allegation is that they met Haribhushan, Naxalite leader twice in December and going to meet him again. Why a Naxalite leader will take the risk of meeting some people so many times, who are openly coming to Chattishgarh, he wondered.

He further said that Chhattisgarh police are branding everybody as Naxalites. Journalists, Adivasi leaders, university teachers are being harassed, arrested and concocted cases are filed against them.

“Our Party CPI does not agree the methods of individual annihilation by Naxalites. We have ideological differences that sometimes lead to clashes. In Bastar, our party comrades faced Naxalites on one side and police on the other side. IGP for Bastar S.R. Kalluri is known to brand everybody as Naxals and terrorizing the people, bringing a bad name to the city. Ultimately you have to send him on forced leave. The seven are also victims of such conspiracy. Naxalism cannot be treated as law and order problem. It is a socio-economic problem and needs a political solution. Chattishgarh is becoming a police raj. Let Democratic Civil rights be extended to Chattishgarh also,” Reddy said.

He added that these people were in Jails for two months without bail. They were arrested on December 25 at Dummaguden of Bhadrachalam area. It is a violation of fundamental right of free movement, freedom of speech and expression. Supreme Court also commented on the prevailing conditions in Chattishgarh, he said.

“I request you to intervene in this case, instruct to withdraw false cases and release the following seven people unconditionally. Hope you will respond positively,” the CPI leader added. (NSS)

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Visalandhra focused on peoples’ issues: Suravaram

Hyderabad: Launching a new year Calender and Diary for 2017 at party headquarters of Makhdoom Bhavan here today,  CPI National General Secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy stated that Visalandhra is noted for carrying  news related to left, democratic, secular, peoples’ protests. It also played a key role by giving equal priority to all issues and focusing on left oriented protests and movements taken up for the cause of the peoples’ problems Sudhakar Reddy averred.

Since its inception in 1952 Visalandhra has been the mouthpiece of the CPI focusing on peoples’ issues and representing all other sections of the society with equal priority. It will continue to play its role representing all sections, he said. Saying that freedom of the press has become freedom of the managements by some newspapers and news channels, he maintained that Visalandhra was away from such practice. Instead, it focused on all other issues with journalistic ethics, maintained standards, protecting democratic and constitutional norms whuile safeguarding the rights of the workers and labourers. The newspaper has been noted for vying for human rights, protecting political values and opposing fake encounters, he said. Several editors and journalists worked with the newspaper for quite some time and rose to become top level journalists and Visalandhra withstood many problems, he added.

Former MP Aziz Pasha, former MLAs G Mallesh, Palla Venkat Reddy, General Manager Harinath Reddy, K Pratap Reddy, Pashya Padma, AITUC leader T Narasimhan, Bala Mallesh, ET Narasimha and others participated in the event. . Editor Mutyala Prasad presided over the program, while  Hyderabad Chief of News Bureau Fazil, welcomed the guests.


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CPI demands judicial probe into encounters

  • Condemns killing of Maoists on AP-Odisha border

Hyderabad: CPI National General Secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy has expressed serious concern at the serial alleged killings of Maoists in Andhra Pradesh-Odisha border in the last three days.

Addressing the media along with CPI Telangana State Secretary Chada Venkat Reddy, former MP Aziz Pasha and Erla Narsimha at the state party office Makhdoom Bhavan in Hyderabad on Friday, Sudhakar Reddy condemned the AOB killing of Maoists by the police.

The word ‘encounter’ is ridiculous as 34 Maoists and a constable were killed on the spot, he observed. He suspected that the police might have arrested the Maoists earlier and killed them point blank in utter violation of norms.

The CPI leader said the police had claimed that 34 Maoists were killed in the encounters in three days. But the civil liberties organizations and relatives of the victims were alleging that the Maoists were either poisoned to death or killed after taken into custody.

The CPI national leader observed that the circumstantial evidence did not support that 34 Maoists and one constable were killed in the encounter. It appears there was a possibility of Maoists being arrested and gunned down. “The CPI severely condemns these highhanded killings in the name of encounters. CPI demands judicial inquiry into the whole incident”, he said.

The CPI also condemned the threat to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and his family members through a letter by Maoists or their supporters. Many believe that it was a fake encounter. However, targeting political leaders or individuals is condemnable, he said.

“The CPI condemns the attack on Manish Kunjam, CPI leader and president of All India Adivasi Mahasabha at Jagadalpur (Chhattisgarh) in the name of police-sponsored organization Agni. Police and the government are denying civil liberties to Adivasis in Bastar area and unleashing terror against the common people, he fumed. The CPI is the main target of Bastar IGP Kalluri and we demand inquiry into the attack on Manish Kunjam and action should be taken against the IGP, who is sponsoring the terror”, he added. 

The CPI leader also rejected the RSS charge against Communists during their meet at Hyderabad. “First, they attacked the minorities, Dalits and now are targeting Communists as anti-Hindu,” Sudhakar Reddy said. Left is not supporting or opposing any religion and is for secularism in the country, he added.


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Suravaram says Modi is a liar

HYDERABAD: Alleging that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not only a big demagogue but also a liar, CPI General Secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy said the Left Parties alone have the strength to fight against the communal BJP.

[quote align=”right”]

  • CPI is not against industries
  • Centre not keen on bringing back black money


Speaking to the media at CPI State Office “Maqdoom Bhavan” here on Wednesday on the occasion of becoming party’s national general secretary for second time, Suravaram said the CPI has decided to fight against the BJP at national level. Criticizing the BJP’s soft-corner towards communal politics, he said the former was neglecting the linguistic, religious and others giving top priority to the millionaires and industrialists. The Centre has been introducing new tax policies only to satisfy the millionaires, he alleged. As part of it, the Centre has been reducing funds to welfare schemes like NREGS, Food Security and introduced Land Acquisition Ordinance.

Stating that the CPI was not against the industries, Suravaram said it is not proper to the Centre to acquire land forcibly from the farmers instead of giving good compensation, alternative land at other place and providing other amenities. “The Centre should acquire land only after convincing farmers”, he opined.

Finding fault with the BJP Government at the Centre, Suravaram said the Centre was not keen on bringing back black money from foreign countries as assured before the elections. He alleged that “Modi is direct agent of multinational companies and millionaires and hence he was not making efforts to bring back black money from other countries”.

Urging well-wishers of the Left Parties to discuss on re-unification of Left Parties, Suravaram said CPI Mahasabha held at Puducherry assured solidarity with historians, artistes and intellectuals, who were fighting against the communal and cultural activities of BJP. He also said CPI is ready for more sacrifices and it would fight for the rights of historians, artistes and so on.

Revealing that CPI’s 22nd National Executive Meeting was held at Puducherry a few days ago, Suravaram said he would work for the Party’s reactivation and rejuvenation. “The Party experienced losses and we decided to come out from the debacle”, he said, adding that the Party will fight against the issues by activating Party cadre in villages and towns. The Party will observe December 26, 2015 as an ‘Organisational Year’ on the occasion of CPI’s 90th anniversary.

CPI senior leader K Narayana, Chada Venkat Reddy, Aziz Pasha, Palla Venkat Reddy, Ramakrishna and Pashya Padma were also present. (NSS)

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