Suravaram Hopes CPI-CPI (M) Will Merge Within Five Years

The Communist Party of India had vertically split into two, more that 50 years ago, leading to the formation of breakaway CPI (M). There have been sporadic talks of their merger since then.

Hyderabad: The CPI (M) will merge with CPI in the next five years, declared CPI General Secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy. “This is because the conditions that prevailed during 1964, which led to the breakup of the Communist Party, have changed,” he explained.

Speaking to the media on Monday, he observed that both parties will be able to survive only if they are united; otherwise, both will have to face problems.  “It has become difficult for two like-minded parties having the same goal to lead movements separately,” he remarked.

“If we work together, the results will be great. I don’t say that the situation will change overnight, but the effect will be evident,” he stated. Suravaram pointed out both the CPI and CPI (M) parties are currently working together on issues like secularism, democracy and commitment to Constitution.

However, he clarified that there would be no open talks regarding the merger. Though both parties have a positive attitude towards a merger, no discussions have been held with the CPI (M) leadership yet by his party.

Survaram disclosed that high-level meetings were scheduled in both the parties next year and expected that the merger issue could come under focus then.

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