Supreme Court questions Centre for making Aadhar mandatory

New Delhi: The Supreme Court expressed its dissatisfaction over Centrea��s decision of linking Aadhar while submitting Income tax returns mandatory. It reminded that government about its earlier order which said that 12 digits unique identification number cannot be enforced on people for public schemes.

Responding to this, Attorney General MukulA�Rahtogi, who represented Centre told the bench that there were discrepancies in PAN cards, and also instances of procuring fake PAN cards using fake documents. As some people are misusing this, the government took the decision. He also told the court that there were cases of one person having multiple PAN cards, probably to divert funds to shell companies.

The bench said it would hear arguments on the plea that was filed against government making Aadhar mandatory.

The apex court in 2015 ruled that Aadhar is not mandatory to avail government schemes. However, it recently allowed for making Aadhar compulsory to open or maintain bank accounts, mobile connections and passports.

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