Superstar Mohanlal’s Simplicity

Thiruvananthapuram: Title Super Star is not a hurdle for this actor who showed simplicity in living. He stood as an example and role model for many seniors how to live and move in real life.He is none other than Malayalam Super Star, who fulfilled his wish by riding bicycle on Thiruvananathpuram roads.

Actor, who made ride in early hours could not be recognised by his fans which saved him. Mohanlal used to ride cycle with his friends during his childhood and wants to fulfill his wish once again by riding on the same roads.

He did it in early hours so that it is safe time for this Super Star to escape from citizens. Mohanlal looks simple even in accepting roles for his movies if scripts works out for him. He acted as an uncle in Janatha Garage and in a different role in Pulimurugan, whichbecame super hit later.

He was the first actor from film industry to react in Bhavana’s molested case. His dedication towards work, his action in different roles in different languages, all made him Super Star.


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