Super Mario Run Game Is Coming on iPhone

Venkata Kondubhatla

Mario game is coming on iPhone. No specific date was given, but it will be released in time for the holiday season of 2016.

Shigeru Miyamoto, a designer who actively worked in the creation of Mario game at Nintendo, a popular game designing company, announced to this effect on Wednesday in the Applea��s special event launch held at San Francisco, California.

a�?You can play with one hand,a�? Miyamoto said. With the other hand holding a hand-bar while travelling or with other hand eating a hamburger, he said.

Unlike the regular Mario game, where the character usually runs only when the player presses a button, Mario on iPhone is always in motion. The players will have to simply tap the screen to make the jumps and take the coins. The play is redesigned to be able to play on iPhone and with one hand.

The application can be downloaded into any iPhone with a few bucks, and the best part is the present iPhone owners wona��t have to buy iPhone 7 or 7 plus to play the game.

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