Sunayanaa��s Heart-Rending Yet Strong Facebook Message

Washington, D.C.:A�In her first Facebook official blog, Sunayana Dumala, wife of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, who was shot and killed in the Kansas bar on Wednesday evening, shared her relationship with her husband and wrote that she misses her husbanda��s warm hug, which was the only place for her to sleep without any worries or tensions.

a�?He used to hug me tightly giving me assurance that if we think good, be good, then good will happen to us,a�? she wrote.A�

Sunayana wished she had a child of her own in whom she could at least see her husband and make the child like him.

They were married for four years after a six-year friendship. The couple had big plans when they moved to Kansas City. They bought a dream home and were planning to expand their family.

She wrote how Srinivas had inspired her in getting a job.

a�?He was filled with joy when the rule was passed and was happy that I could work,a�? she wrote. A�The rule allowed spouses of many H1B holders to work.

Sunayana remembered that Srinivas used to edit her emails and now she misses him especially while writing the blog. She thanked all of those who supported her during the tough time and wrote how her husband used to find happiness in simple things. She talked about his surprise element in asking her to prepare his lunch box.

Sunayana asked the question a�� a�?On what basis we decide a person is good or bad?a�? She wrote that ita��s not based on the color of the skin. She said the fight must go on toward eradicating hatred from the minds of the people. The complete text can be read here.




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