Suicides By SI Prabhakar, Beautician Sirisha May Turn Out To Be Murders

The twin suicides of SI Prabhakara Reddy and beautician Sirisha are becoming a puzzle for the investigating team as the unfolding scenario is throwing up confusing leads making them to suspect suicides as murders.

Hyderabad: Were they suicides or homicides? The twin cases involving Police SI Prabhakara Reddy and beautician Sirisha are getting murkier as the police investigations are leading to new clues.

The preliminary forensic analysis revealed that there are internal and external injuries on the body of beautician Arumilli Vijayalakshmi alias Sirisha. The Banjara Hills police have sent her vaginal swabs and viscera to forensic lab. The autopsy report is yet to reach the police who are suspecting that the 29-year old beautician might have been killed by someone. This case is connected to the ‘suicide’ of Kukroonpally SI D Prabhakara Reddy. There are a number of doubts regarding the way the policeman died. Relatives of Reddy say the had written a suicide note. They allege that the ACP of Gajwel is responsible for the suicide note to disappear. The police department has created confusion by appointing two investigating officers. Who among the DSP and Additional DGP is the actual investigating officer? The case of Sirisha being molested is being highlighted to defame Prabhakara Reddy and also to mislead the investigation so that the allegations regarding the harassment by superior officers do not get prominence in the media, the relatives suspect. The police department has not clarified the position as yet. The last rites of Prabhakara Reddy were performed at Tanguturi in Aler mandal of Bhuvanagiri district.

Meanwhile, Osmania General Hospital (OGH) forensic experts, who conducted post-mortem on Sirisha’s body have in their preliminary report said there are injuries on her lips, chin and scratches are there on the bottom of her back. The doctors also collected vagina swabs and sent them to forensic examination to ascertain if there was sexual assault. Her undergarments also were sent for test.

Rajiv, the owner of the photo studio, is suspected to have beaten up Sirisha at the quarters of the SI and also in the car while on the way to Hyderabad. Other than Rajiv and SI Prabhakar Reddy, the third person involved in the episode is Sravan who is from Mall village near Devarakonda in Nalgonda district. Sravan was preparing for SI entrance test when he met Sirisha at a beauty parlour near Lotus Pond in Banjara Hills about a year ago. He also knew SI Prabhakar for quite some time. Sravan has political connections and he used to tell friends that it was he who got Prabhakara Reddy posted at Kukroonpally PS.

Rajiv Vallabhaneni, the owner of RJ Studio, and Sirisha have been having issues for some time. In order to resolve the disputes the three of them-Rajiv, Sirisha and Sravan- went to Kukroonpally PS on Monday evening. There were arguments at the police quarters and there was heated discussion between Prabhakara Reddy and Sirisha. Then the SI asked them to leave. It was 2.20 am Tuesday by then. On the way back Sirisha gave a WhatsApp message to her husband Satish regarding the location. There were arguments which led both Rajiv and Sravan to manhandle Sirisha. She tried twice to jump out of the car. Sirisha left her vehicle at RJ studio while going to Kukroonpally. She went there to fetch her car. Rajiv arranged a cab for Sravan who went to his native place, Mall. By then Sirisha went into the studio. After waiting for ten minutes, Rajiv went inside the studio to find, according to him, Sirisha hanging by her chunni. He said he cut off the chunni and brought her down to take her to hospital where she was declared dead.
Both the deceased, Prabhakar Reddy and Sirisha, are married. While Prabhakara Reddy was married to Rachana, Sirisha’s husband is Satish. Both the couple have children.

Rajiv comes across as criminal-minded having multiple affairs with women. In the name of photo studio, he changes girl friend every four months, according to sources.

With Sirisha’s case getting entangled with the suicide of Prabhakara Reddy, the police are following leads with an eye on establishing a link between the two deaths. The sources say that a possibility of both the deaths being a result of murders executed by the same persons as part of the same plot cannot be ruled out at this stage of investigations.

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