Suicide Attempt Suspected In Vikram Goud Case

Police are trying to piece together technological evidence to prove the suicide attempt. They have ruled out attack by outsiders.

Hyderabad: Vikram Goud, son of former Congress minister Mukesh Goud, most probably tried to commit suicide.

This is the conclusion drawn by investigators who have tried to reconstruct the scene. Vikram has, however, claimed that unidentified people have shot him.

During their investigation, police found no evidence that any third person had come into Vikrama��s residenceA�early morning last Friday.A�Investigators have checked CCTV footage of the surrounding areas and questioned many people. But they have not found any evidence that strangers had come into the house.

Though police have searched the entire residence of the former ministera��s son for the weapon, they have not found it. They are investigating as to where it might have been hidden.

If someone shoots, traces of gun powder will also be available on the hands of the shooter. Police are trying to look for this and other pieces of technological evidence.

They are trying to collect strong evidence to prove their theory that there was no attack and it was a suicide attempt by Vikram Goud.

There are also doubts over the statements of both Vikram Goud and his wife Shefali.

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