Succumbing To Silpa’s Pressure Naidu Snubs Akhila Priya

AP Chief Minister Naidu is understood to have prevailed upon Akhila Priya to leave Nandyala by-election issue to him, convinces Akhila not to announce candidate from her family.

Amaravati: Machiavellian politician, Chandrababu Naidu, finally silenced the Bhuma family for the Nandyala by-election, while continuing the suspense over the candidature.

Minister for Tourism Bhuma Akhila Priya was scheduled to announce the candidate from her family to contest the Nandyal by-election on Monday, the death anniversary of her mother Sobha Nagi Reddy. The young minister had hinted at making the announcement in Allagadda and claimed that the Nandyala seat belonged to their family. In hours after her statement, Silpa Mohan Reddy met Chandrababu Naidu in Vijayawada last week and declared his candidature for the by-election. He wanted the party chief to endorse his candidature.

Caught in a piquant situation, the TDP supremo Naidu is having tough time to decide on the candidature for the by-election. Perhaps, this is for the first time Naidu is not given a chance to decide on the candidature for any election and keep people guessing till the last minute.

As the Opposition YSR Congress is also equally firm on contesting the election as the party had won the seat in the 2014 elections, Naidu is looking into every aspect to win the seat. Victory here is equally important for both the parties and thus the fight is set to be a real battle.

Naidu is having tough time in selecting the candidates with Bhuma family and Silpa family staking claim for the seat. The former minister N Md Farooq too had joined the race as it was held by him twice in the past. The Nandyal MP S P Y Reddy who had defected to the TDP immediately after the 2014 elections is now lobbying with the TDP against Silpa Mohan Reddy. He had reportedly told the party leadership that he would not work for Mohan Reddy if ticket is given to him. Former Minister Farooq and his supporters too are not ready to back Silpaa��s candidature.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy, nephew of Akhila Priya had decided to contest the elections if ticket is denied to the Bhuma family. The supporters of the Bhuma family are mounting pressure on the family to fight the elections as a mark of protest for denial of ticket to the family.

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