Subarmanian Swamy’s sensational comments on Rajinikanth

Dr Subramanian Swamy, who has a penchant for sensation and humour, has commented that actor Rajinikanth is not suitable to politics and politicians in Tamil Nadu are good actors.

Chennai: Senior BJP leader from Tamil Nadu Professor Subramanian Swamy made sensational comments on Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth. He said Rajini is only an actor and is not not suitable for politics.

He further added that Rajinikanth does not know politics and TN politicians are best actors. His statement was made in reference to Rajinikanth fans’ meet which was scheduled in coming days. Rajinikanth also cancelled Sri Lanka trip amidst pressure from TN political parties.

Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth wrote a letter to Sri Lankan Tamils which says he will meet them when time is right. He thanked Tamilians of Sri Lanka for showing love towards him.

Super star Rajinikanth, who has to visit Sri Lanka to donate homes to Elam Tamil families, cancelled his trip after political storm in TN from opposition parties like VCK and MDMK.

Rajinikanth, in his trip planned to meet Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena to discuss a solution for the problems faced Tamil fisher man.

“All political parties have asked me to cancel the trip.Though I don’t agree with their stand, I have decided to call off my Lanka visit,” Super Star said on Saturday to media.

He further said that he is not a politician and he is only an artist. “Please don’t politicise the issue and stop my visit. Should I not get an opportunity to visit Lanka again?” he questioned politicians. With the above statement, he clearly once again indicated that he is far from politics.

Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth Fans club president and General Secretaries across the world are mounting pressure on Rajini to plunge into politics. Hundreds of fans thronged Chennai to have a glimpse of their Hero Rajnikanth and said they are eagerly waiting for their hero’s entry into politics.

All India Rajinikanth Fans president Sudhakar had a meeting with general secretaries and said that arrangements were made unanimously for Thalaivar to plunge into politics. Raghavendra Hall in Chennai was reverberated with slogans in support to their hero urging him to join politics.

If he enters politics, he will rock the world. They say that he doesn’t know about politics, but even today’s politicians know nothing about anything. This is the gut feeling of fans who wish to see their hero in politics very soon

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Rajinikanth’s Fans Pressurise Their Hero On Political Entry

The ground work appears to be building up on this issue to be decided either way sooner than later

Chennai: Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth’s silence is creating frustration and leading to suspense among well-wishers and fans of Thalivar. They have decided to force their Thalivar’s to react putting posters across TN.

Generally, Rajinikanth’s posters will be on walls of Chennai prior to the release of his film. But posters witnessed on Friday led to traffic jam in Chennai which is posted by Coimbatore Ditsrict People Welfare Forum. The message is same, that Rajini Should plunges into politics at once.

Rajini cancelled fans’ meet recently and his fans are in a bitter confusion once again about his political entry. No one knows whether Rajini is seriously thinking about politics or not but the ground work appears to be building up on this issue to be decided either way sooner than later

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Rajinikanth Wishes Sachin For A Billion Dreams

Chennai: We have rarely seen Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth tweeting, but this time he came up with best wishes to Sachin’s  biopic of Billion Dreams. Flick deals with documentary  featuring Sachin, his wife Anjali and son Arjun. Sachin replied and shared Tamil trailer of the film. Movie is slated for release on may 26th.

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Will Mohanbabu Accept Rajinikanth’s Call?

Hyderabad: We all know that Mohan Babu and Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth are good friends from their early years in Chennai. They maintained a good relations even in business for many years. Rajinikanth acted in PEDARAYUDU, a Mohan babu’s flick, which tasted a huge success. Now it is the turn of Super star who requested Mohan babu to act in his son-in-law’s flick Power Pandy.

Rajini asked Mohan babu to act in the remake of that flick in Telugu which will be directed by Dhanush. Will Mohan babu accepts Rajini’s request?

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Rajinikanth Starts Groundwork For Launch Of Political Party

South Indian Super Star Rajinikanth is slowly making his moves towards founding a political entry as per Chennai Sources

Chennai: South Indian Super Star Rajinikanth is slowly making his moves towards founding a political entry as per Chennai Sources.

Without any hungama or media leaks, Rajinikanth is making necessary arrangements which will be cleared by April last week.

Rajinikanth’s brother Satyanarayana is looking after the arrangements for the get together of fans from TN and Pondichery. Rajinikanth will be with fans from April 12th to 17th, meeting 10,000 of them every day. He will be collecting feedback and their surveys before he anoounces his future course of action related to his political plunge.

Now or never, says his fans, who are eagerly waiting for a few years to see their hero in politics. Raghavendra Kalyana mandiram will be centre hall for this programme. Though Rajinikanth denied that meeting was related to politics, close aides are mounting pressure on Super Star to decide in favour of politics and give a clear message to TN people about his intention whether to take up politics, to ally with any party ot to launch a new political party. So, April will be witnessing another thunderstorm in TN politics, according to political observers.

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Why This Kolavari, Rajini?

Chennai: There were speculations about super star Rajinikanth’s crucial announcement on his political entry on April 2nd. But Thalaivaa gave clarification that this meet is not at all related to politics and its is a formal fans meet. He further added that there were no political plans for him in near future.

Why Katappa killed Baahubali, this is a million dollars question which almost equals in curiosity quotient to Why Rajinikanth hesitates to join politics? This is not the first time, Rajinikanth gave a chance to lit the fire about his political entry . Since 1996, the Rajini joining politics story is running as a serial without any end. There are continuous speculations in TN about his political entry whenever a vacuum is created. After Jayalalitha’s demise this is the main topic which shaked TN State once again. Internal disputes in the AIDMK, illness of opposition leader DMK Chief Karunanadhi made Rajini fans think that it is the perfect time for their mass hero to announce political party. BJP which is looking for a charismatic leader in TN tried to woo this Super Star who did not change his mind until now.

There were many U-turns in the past 20 years about speculations of his political entry. Rajinikanth supported Congress in 1995 and later changed his stand as Congress allied with AIADMK. No one can save TN if AIADMK comes into power, this is the only call given by Super Star which made DMK to gain power. This is the place he has in the hearts of TN voters. Rajini, however, regretted for making such a drastic statement about Jayalalithaa. He supported the BJP in 2004 during Vajpayee’s term and maintaining good relation with PM Modi now.

It would be a dream come true, a coup of sorts, if Rajinikanth agrees to join any political party or even supports any political party. And obviously there is a beeline of politicos seeking his support during every election. However, Rajinikanth, most of the times, maintains a neutral stance and refuses to take sides, at-least politically. It is not that he is scared of politics. He has received invitations from various parties, but the Tamil superstar, until now, is hesitant to get into active politics.

“Politics is dangerous and deep. I am not afraid of politics, but hesitant. In politics you need strong roots,”I have been moving in the direction shown by God. If he desires that I should come to politics, I will serve the people this is the answer he gives every time when asked about his plans for political entry.

Previou film celebrities like Late MGR and NTR or Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan from South did not reatct in this way. They took a bold decision leaving the result aside. NTR and MGR succeeded in politics with positive verdict of the people but Chiranjeevi received a negative verdict. Now, Pawan Kalyan is testing his political luck in 2019 elections.

When compared to all above, Rajinikanth craze is almost equal to NTR, MGR and there us clear vacuum visible in TN at present scenario. Only other actor who remained silent about politics until last breathe with a lot of craze in public was kannada Super Star Raj Kumar, he neither supported any political party nor had a smell of it.

It is better for Rajinikanth to decide firmly, once for all, to enter or not, leaving this sea saw hungama every time giving a chance to media to indulge in speculation.

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What Is Rajini Going To Do On April 2nd?

Chennai: This is a million dollars question bothering the politicians and the political observers in Tamil Nadu. Rajinikanth on Wednesday gave a call to his fans association to meet him on April 2nd for an important discussion.

It is a top secret that Rajinikanth had a meeting with close aides before he gave a call to his fans. Now speculations are triggered once again in TN that super star will make his stand clear on his entry into politics.

But according to district fans associations presidents it’s just a routine meeting which had to take place long ago but got delayed due to various reasons.

BJP is trying to woo the super star with CM’s chair if he joins BJP, but Rajinikanth is indecisive as usual.

Political analysts feel if Rajinikanth is waiting for a perfect moment to enter, this is the time as there is political vacuum in the state after Amma’s demise.

Rajinikanth never gives a political statement directly like other heroes do, but in 1996 he took on Jayalalithaa headlong by saying even God cannot save TN if Jayalalithaa wins again. This only dialogue made Jayalalithaa to sit in the opposition. After that, in 2004, Rajini supported BJP-AIADMK alliance which was defeated.

Rajnikanth was far away from politics upto 2014 until Modi met him at his residence in Chennai, but later both said the meet was just a courtesy call.

But Rajinikanth fans are eagerly looking for his entry after sudden demise of Jayalalithaa in 2016.Has the times come? Only Rajnikanth would know. Not even God!

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రజినికి భద్రత పెంపు

చెన్నై: కావేరీ జలాల విషయంలో చెలరేగిన వివాదం. రెండు రాష్ట్రాల మధ్య చిచ్చు రగిల్చింది. కర్ణాటక, తమిళనాడు ఇరు రాష్ట్రాల్లోనూ ఒకరిపై మరొకరు దాడులు చేసుకుంటున్నారు. టీఎన్ అనే రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ ఉన్న వాహనం కనిపిస్తే చాలు, కర్ణాటకలో తగలబెడుతున్నారు. అటు తమిళనాడులో కూడా కన్నడ హోటళ్లపైనా దాడులు జరుగుతున్నాయి. ఈ నేపథ్యంలో తమిళనాడులో పలువురు నటులకు పోలీసులు భద్రత పెంచారు.

ప్రస్తుతం కర్ణాటక – తమిళనాడు రాష్ట్రాల్లో కావేరీ జలాల వివాదం తారా స్థాయిలో హింసాత్మకంగా మారింది. కర్ణాటకలో ఉన్న తమిళుల ఆస్తులను, తమిళనాడులో ఉన్న కన్నడిగుల ఆస్తులను నిరసనకారులు తగులబెడుతూ విధ్వంసాలకు పాల్పడుతున్నారు.

 ఈ నేపథ్యంలో కొంతమంది నటులపై దాడులు జరిగే ప్రమాదం ఉందన్న సమాచారంతో ముందు జాగ్రత్త చర్యగా రజనీకాంత్, ప్రభుదేవా, రమేష్ అరవింద్, బాబీసింహాలకు పోలీసులు రక్షణ కల్పించారు. వీరిలో రజనీకాంత్ నిజానికి మహారాష్ట్రలో జన్మించారు. కర్ణాటకలో కొన్నాళ్లు ఉండి ఆ తర్వాత చెన్నైలో స్థిరపడ్డారు.  అదే విధంగా ప్రభుదేవా జన్మించింది కర్ణాటకలో అయినా తెలుగు, తమిళ సినిమాలతోనే ఎక్కువగా ప్రాచుర్యం పొందాడు. అలాగే రమేష్ అరవింద్, బాబీ సింహాలకు కూడా కన్నడ సినిమాలలో చేసిన నేపథ్యం ఉంది. దాంతో వీరిపై దాడులు జరగకుండా చూసేందుకు పోలీసులు భద్రత పెంచారు.

ఈ విధ్వంసానికి సంబంధించి మరో నటుడు ప్రకాష్ రాజ్ తన ట్విట్టర్ లో స్పందించారు. `మన హక్కుల కోసం మనం పోరాడాలి, న్యాయం సాదించాలి. న్యాయ పోరటమంటే విధ్వంస పూరితంగా వుండకూడదని` ట్విట్టర్ లో సందేశం ఇచ్చాడు ప్రకాశ్‌ రాజ్ . అంతేకాక  ఉద్యమం ఎలా చేయాలో మన భవిష్యత్ తరాలకు మనమే నేర్పించాలన్నాడు. మనకు కోర్టులున్నాయ్, నాయకులున్నారు, చట్టముంది. మనమంతా మనుషులం. శాంతియుతంగా పోరాడుదాం అంటూ తన అభిప్రాయాన్ని ప్రకాష్ రాజ్ వెల్లడించారు. శాంతిగా ఉండండి, విధ్వసం ఆపండి, విధ్వంసానికి పాల్పడవద్దని అంటూ నిరసనకారులకు ప్రకాష్ రాజ్ విజ్ఞప్తి చేశాడు.

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