Strange That Twice-Married Actors Are Attacking My Dad: Chalapathi Rao’s Son

Actor Chalapathi Raoa��s son Ravi Babu complains that twice or thrice-married actors are in the forefront in attacking his father even after he apologised for making uncivil comments against women.

Hyderabad: It is well known that senior actor Chalapthi Raoa��s derogatory comments on women have led to severe criticism from public. Even Tollywood celebrities came down harshly on him and reacted sharply on twitter.

Ravi Babu, son of Chalapthi Rao, broke his silence and came in support of his father. He said his father did not marry after his mother died when he was young and he took a lot of care and trouble in raising his children.

He also said that there was no action taken on many actors when they made such type of comments and it is sad to see his father not being spared even after he profusely apologised.

It is better to stab and kill him rather than hurting him virtually every minute at his old age, he said.

He further said that it is a sad spectacle to watch actors who got married twice or thrice criticizing hisA�dad.

Ravi Babu looked upset and depressed while making these comments. The attack on his father has hurt the family members, he said.

Lets hope it is a warning for other actors to take care, while commenting on women on A�stage, watched by millions of audience, and act as responsible people.

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