Statue of Liberty with Banner Welcoming Refugees

New York: A 20ft banner in red and white colours was hung on Statue of Liberty with title ‘REFUGEES WELCOME’ on Statuea��s pedestal in New York. This was removed by National Park Rangers an hour later. But the news had spread in minutes across social media. This incident happened exactly on the day when Homeland Security announced expansion of enforcement policies on immigration.

According to Jerry Williams, Spokesperson of National Park, attaching any item to National Monument is illegal. Activist group named ‘Alt Lady Liberty’ claimed responsibility for this incident who mailed to a local station NBC 4, New York.

Icon itself represents welcoming refugees to America, activista��s claims in a tweet after this 3 ft height banner was hung on Liberty Statue.

National Park service police are investigating this incident after Alt Lady Liberty tweeted the details of the poster sayingA� we must need the words of ”Liberty: Refugees Welcomea�?.

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