State Action Plan to tackle climate change

Experts formulate policies for water sector

Hyderabad:A�Environment Protection Training & Research Institute (EPTRI) has prepared State Action Plan on Climate Change forA�TelanganaA�State.

As a follow-up action, the Union Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation has directed the Telangana Government to prepare State Specific Action Plan on the water sector (SSAP) under National Water Mission (NWM). The State government has directed the EPTRI to prepare the Action Plan for water sector. As a part of this activity, the EPTRI conducted a�?Consultation and Capacity Building Workshop on State Specific Action Plan on the water sector and improved convergence among Telangana State institutions and departments to deliver climate resilient policies and servicea��a�� in association with SaciWATERS, supported by British Deputy High Commission, Hyderabad.

The expert views/opinions have been sought for the preparation of SSAP for water sector during the stakeholdersa�� meeting held on Monday, to mainstream climate change adaptation and instigate convergence plans across sectors (irrigation, rural water supply, agriculture, public works and others). The purpose was to communicate with stakeholders and gather their perceptions, valuable experience and recommendations to improve the SSAP report. The workshop aims to build synergies through joint consultation between the work carried out by the government departments and the proposed SSAP for successful adoption of climate change strategy and water resilience to effectively manage climate extremities in the State.

Kalyan Chakravarthy, EPTRI Director-General, said Telangana being in semi-arid zone was experiencing a severe water stress and a suitable action plan was being prepared by them to cover various water resources in the State, management of these resources, gaps between supply and demand, sector-wise utilization, water governance and so on.

Mondaya��s workshop was specifically designed to address the State governmenta��s interest in adopting and promoting an integrated State Specific Action Plan on Water and Climate Change. a�?We commissioned the project and recognized that Telangana is vulnerable to climate change and has a profound impact on livelihood and wellbeing of the people.

The State government has prioritized water management, with some landmark policy initiatives that are designed to transform both urban and rural livelihoods, through dramatically improved water security through Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagiratha and others to provide every household with a connection of safe drinking water supply.

Among others present at the workshop were, PG Sastry ex-chairman, Environmental Appraisal Committee for River Valley projects, , Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India;A� Andrew McAllister, British Deputy High Commissioner, Hyderabad; A�Prof. Sucharita Sen, Executive Director, SaciWATERs; Dr AC Debnath, Assoc. Professor, NERIWALM;A� YK Reddy, Director , IMD; and Shaik Allavali, Environmental Engineer. -NSS

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