Srinivas Slammed Digvijay for accusing Him of Political Opportunism

HYDERABAD: Senior Congress Leader Srinivas, who had resigned from Congress Party to join the ruling TRS Party in the Telangana State on Thursday, lambasted AICC General Secretary Digvijay Singh as a a�?bluffera�? for accusing him of political opportunism.

During the media conference organized to explain the circumstances that made him to quit Congress and join the pink party, Srinivas was asked to respond to the charge of the AICC leader that it was political opportunism the main reason for jumping the ship. It was pointed out that he was annoyed with the Congress leadership at the Centre for denying him MLC re-nomination and instead a much junior was selected as he himself has recommended the woman leadera��s name to Digvijay Singh.

Losing his cool to the utter surprise of the media, Srinivas shot back by stating that a�?He (Digvijay Singh) is a bluffer,a�? and went on to explain that he never had any discussions with the Central party leaders or was he consulted in the matter. a�?Till now I had regard for Digvijay Singh,a�? he quipped a�?but after his blatant lies I changed my mind. He is a bluffer and does not what he is taking,a�? Srinivas fumed.

Getting calm after his sudden outburst SrinivasA�explained that he was not angry or unhappy with anyone for giving the MLC ticket to Lalitha (the one selected by the High Command,A�instead of DS). a�?I am happy about her getting the ticket and my blessings would be with her all the time,a�? he added. (NSS)

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